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One Week

This is my final week of maternity leave. I cannot believe after all the waiting and counting down of pregnancy that we are already at this point. Seriously all that crazy happened 11 weeks ago. Because we live in a country that boasts “family values” and yet makes no attempt to join every other country to have some kind of maternity AND paternity leave that would actually be family centered I go back to work a short 12 weeks (8 weeks of which was my sick and vacation time and 4 weeks was totally unpaid…yes I work for an expensive private institution that unless you pay into short term disability for a full year you get nothing for having a child….ok, I’m not going to go down this ranty road) after having The Rock.

And it’s hard.

I like my job. I like my boss. I am excited to see what the next year in physics brings for me.

But that doesn’t make it easy.

To start with…the feedings. Pumping sucks my ass. I mean I really hate it and compounded with the fact that I’m not very good at it makes it all the more difficult. Yes I should have practiced more while I was on leave but you know what’s easy? Breastfeeding. Especially my kid (Lucy was the same way), he’s fast and efficient and while he’s a bit of a maniac I think he enjoys it….well maybe he just enjoys the food part of it….anyways, my point is pumping is a pain and breast feeding is easy. But I’ll get into a rhythm like I did with Lucy and it will become less hateful.

I haven’t done as much on this leave as I did with Lucy. I don’t know why, I mean by the end of this week I want all my pictures organized and uploaded to my photo server and maybe I can put some pictures together for his baby book. But all those things that I was going to rock while I was on leave? Um. Seriously what the hell have I been doing? Two kids are harder than one and I get that…except Lucy is in daycare so it’s not like I have her here all day. Am I that lame?

We are lucky because my dad will watch him while I’m at work, and I am going to try and work it so I can work one or two days a week from home as we make the transition. This morning I was trying to come up with a schedule not only for days I’ll be at Northwestern vs at home vs at Fermilab, but for those days what will the timing of things be? Again having the older kid makes this harder. With Lucy it was just ok let’s go to work at 8:30, and now it’s like ok, wait we have to take Lucy into school and pick her up and that takes some time.

Damn you WordPress. Just deleted the last bit I wrote here.

Ok, I started this post yesterday morning and I’m just finishing it this afternoon.

I’m going to miss my little man and our days together. But I know that we are a strong family. We have a strong support system with my dad and stepmom here. And so I know we will get into a two kid + two working parents rhythm and it will become the norm, but getting there will be tough. And thus we move to the next phase.

First Meeting with Pam

About a week and a half ago Jason and I joined the Lincoln Square Athletic Club…Oh right I talked about that last week (look at me posting more than once in 6 months!). Anyways, as part of a deal when you signed up you could get three personal training sessions for $100. So we decided to each to it. My goals are to learn how to use the gym to make me a better runner, if that makes sense. I don’t want to get much bigger, but rather just tone what I have or build muscles that will help me run better. I am pretty muscular from my days as an athlete back in high school….which I know was (shut up) 15 years ago…but I think that can stick around (maybe?). Plus lugging two kids around tends to give you some muscles (we went out to dinner with friends when Lucy was about a year old and my friend said, “Are you working out?” I laughed and said no, not unless you consider lifting a beer working out. And then I realized it was from carrying Lucy around all the time!). Anyways…my point is I don’t want to get that much bigger, but I do want to get stronger.

And that’s where Pam comes in.

When you signed up for the trainer you wrote down what your goals were and then they paired you up with a trainer that has expertise in that area. Pam ran for Loyola and is now a member of an elite running team. She said, “Yeah I ran the 800 in college and then I couldn’t believe it when I ran a 1:22 half marathon my first time out.” So yeah, she’s fast. But also super muscular, but not in a gross way, just in that way where she probably has not one ounce of fat on her.

At the beginning of the session she said she could get my weight and body fat percentage so I could know where I was if I wanted. I told her that I really hate weighing myself and would rather just work out and get healthier and I know when I’m at a weight I’m comfortable with because my jeans fit (without me having to not breath to button them). I really only weigh myself when I’m pregnant because I have to :). So I opted out of that.

Then we did some circuit training using medicine balls, kettle balls, benches, and the a lat pull down/fly machine that she incorporated those like 1/2 dome squishy things (I know nothing about working out including the names of anything). Everything she did also engaged the core. And you know what…the gym was fun. Our gym is new and has a ton of sky lights all over the place. So while I hate to be in gym in the summer, it was nice to be able to do a gym workout without feeling like I was inside. We used to belong to the YMCA and while I loved the price it really was just super dark and dingy.

I asked her to email me the circuits what we did because I’ve already forgotten it.

….Must pause to change Rocky’s diaper. Seriously that was a lot of poop sounds coming out of that kid…..

Alright…I’m back.

I think I’m going to be super sore tomorrow. I mean I’m super sore today, but I feel like when you start working out the pain likes to wait a day. Everything kind of hurts anyways. I think not working out seriously for like 5 years had a toll on my body. I’m all, “My knees hurt. My ankle hurts.” Which them makes me want to shoot myself because I sound so OLD. I mean I’ve done some running since the last time I ran the marathon, but nothing seriously. And lifting weights consistently? Um. Early on in graduate school? Maybe? If ever.

I think as I start all this new stuff, running will suffer a little bit because if I had just continue to run forward in a line I feel like I could have added distance but I would have stayed at the same pace. While I really don’t care about pace right now, I would like to be in a place in a few years where I have to tools to be a little bit faster. So I’m going to try and run today without completely falling apart. I signed up for a 10K in about 4 weeks so I’m hoping all these aches and pains will be a bit less. Or I’ll just walk the whole damn thing.

And with that I’m off!



Family Fest 2012

Every summer we rent a house for a week with Jason’s family. This is the third year that we have done this and it was another great success! This year we rented a house in Muskegon, MI. The house was on Mona Lake, very close to Lake Michigan. Jason’s parents, his oldest brother and his family and then us were in attendance this year. Lucy and her cousin are only 5 days apart and so it was fun seeing the two of them together. They don’t really get sharing yet so of course there were some tensions but the cute moments highly outweighed those.

Here are the girls at the last three Family vacations…so funny to see them change:

This house had a little beach for us to use. It was nice a shallow and sandy so the girls (and us!) could play without freezing our asses off in Lake Michigan:

I love Jason’s parents getting a week with their grandkids with nothing else to do but hold them and laugh at them:

Plus giving the kids time together as cousins makes me happy. When I was a kid we would go on a two week vacation in Michigan with my cousins and they are times that hold some of my greatest memories. I like that we can provide similar memories for our kids:

So with that we close out another year and look forward to next year. I hope that we can either do the same house, or we will find something similar but maybe closer to a town so that we can for some walks a little easier. Either way I can’t wait for another week of relaxing fun!

A Little Early…but That’s Ok

Note this entire post is based on the last two days of behavior…so really tomorrow it’s going to be totally different because babies are the most inconsistant thing n the planet :).

So in my head Calvin goes to bed at 7 and wakes up at 5. Does that really happen? Um no…so why do I think every night will be the night that it does? If I feed him around 8 or 8:30 then he can make it to 5, but usually he is ready for his nighttime feeding at around 7 or 7:30 and from memory Lucy would be in bed by 7pm and sleep to 7am eventually, so we are trying to just get rolling with that schedule. We would like to have dinner at 6:30, then Rocky (Oh and do we call him Calvin or Rocky…clearly it’s fairly interchangeable…although if you ask Lucy it’s Rocky, no if ands or buts) gets a bath, then Lucy gets a bath while Rocky is eating and then Rocky goes to bed, and then book reading happens in their room and maybe he’s awake or falling asleep anyways. He then wakes up around 3, but we will try a pacifier to make sure it’s really a food wake up and usually it’s not. But then he is really ready to wake up around 4-4:15 and seriously the kid is kicking out of the miracle blanket or what we like to call the little baby straight jacket and so yeah he’s ready to go.

The last two days I’ve gotten up early with Cal (…or we call him Cal…kid has a lot of options for his name), obviously there is no other option here as Jason isn’t the food source, and fed him and then Jason has gotten up at 5. Yesterday I fell back asleep on the couch but today I’m feeling a bit more human. I don’t mind a 4am wakeup really, I hope that I feel the same way when I go back to work.

We have a new gym membership that we have already been using. Last night I went to the gym to do a hot yoga class. Note that I have gone to two yoga classes before in my life. They were at a Core Power Yoga studio and I loved them and I was all ready to join, and then found out I was pregnant. The class wasn’t as difficult as the Core Power class, but I think it will be as I get better and I’m able to do more of the poses. But really it’s like an hour of stretching and my super tight runner legs needed it. The instructor in the Monday night class has lost 160lbs! I think just from yoga? Anyways, he was really nice and I didn’t feel too stupid in my non ability to yoga. Jason went to the gym yesterday on the way to work and said it was great. I have an appointment with a trainer on Monday so we’ll see what tips she has. With the weather being so horribly hot I’m thinking about running on a treadmill today but I really really loathe running on a treadmill so I think I’ll stick with the outdoors. I’m planning on going when I get back from dropping The Lu off at school, right after I feed rocky so I don’t have to pump (I hate pumping). My Dad will be here and so he can watch The Rock (or we (ok fine I) call him The Rock…seriously poor kid isn’t going to know his name) while I do that.

So ok clearly, I’m out of writing practice as this post was a lot of rambling. But fun to be back working out AND writing on here, I went away for far too long. Of course let’s see if I can keep it up when I go back to work and that bit of crazy into my life. I really wanted to get a workout schedule in place before going back to work so it wasn’t like I was trying to add in both at once. Hopefully the workouts will be a normal part of our day in three weeks time. That’s the plan anyways.

Going to Over Do It?

It has been great getting back into a running routine. I used to say it takes about 2 weeks to get into a routine and I still think that holds. Although with two kids I think it will be more like 3 or 4 weeks. I know when I start things I tend to over do it. I want to run EVERY DAY. And I make plans and schedules and race plans and while I usually make those race goals (minus the 2010 Chicago Marathon which was a mistake to sign up for in the first place), but my training isn’t always as perfect as I’d like it to be. Of course no training plan can be unless you are a professional athlete and that is really all you do and even then I imagine that workouts get scrapped or moved or they don’t go very well or whatever.

So am I going to over do it? Possibly. However, I have more motivation that I probably ever had in my life to get back into shape. After I had Lucy I didn’t realize how hard it was going to be to breast feed and work out. But this time around I already know the deal there. It’s hard, things have to be scheduled around feeding or pumping, but in the end that is more of an annoyance than a problem. The key is to have a fairly set routine and stick to it.

I’m back up to 4 miles and have gotten in 5 runs in the last week or so. We went on a family vacation and on the morning that we left I ran 3 miles and then while we were out of town I made a 3.8 mile loop and the first day I made it 3 of those miles (there are hills in Michigan), then the next two times I ran it I finished the loop. Then this morning I went for a 4 mile run back in my Chicago neighborhood with my Dad. We went on the North Channel trail starting at Lawrence. It’s a really nice find for the city and nice to change it up from just neighborhood runs or lakefront runs. Although with this heat wave in Chicago (seriously high 90s for the whole week it looks like), I think we will have to move our runs to the lake because it’s about 10 degrees cooler over there (and we are just 2 miles away!). Dad and I are signing up for a 10K on August 11th which gives me some time to add the last 2.2 miles.

In addition to getting back on that running train, we joined the Lincoln Square Athletic Club that is just a few blocks from our house. I want to be stronger and do some more cross training activities even though in general I hate all other activities. We signed up to get some personal training sessions to get started and I requested someone that could help me get stronger while training for the marathon…oh and wrangling 2 kids around.

And that last sentence paired with the fact that I go back to work in 3 weeks (WHAT?!?!?!) is where my over doing it concern is coming in. Can we keep our workouts in a place in our lives where they aren’t interfering with our kids lives or our marriage. I don’t want to get back into things and then it’s all, “Hey kids, Mommy has to go do a situp. Hope you enjoy dinner with dad!” or vice versa for days Jason wants to work out. I think since I am acknowledging that that situation could very easily come to be, I can keep an eye on things so they don’t get out of hand. Right now Calvin is waking up right around 5 and while he won’t always do that, we are now in the rhythm where we are pretty awake at that time. We are just going to continue to get up at 5 and go to the gym either in the very early morning or after dinner when kids are sleeping, although that is not my favorite option as that takes time away from our alone time. Either way we are going to figure it out because we are both really really (this is me speaking for Jason) enjoying getting back into shape running wise anyways. Jason has wanted to join the gym for awhile now and as it’s right on the train line it should be a good deal for him to go a couple days in the morning on the way to work.

And with that The Calvin Kid’s coos and gaggles have turned to cries so I must go.

Sleep, Running and Clearly Not Enough Water

Calvin is now just over 7 weeks old and for the past two nights has slept till 4:30. I know I know, 4:30!!! That’s not sleeping through the nigh dummy! Oh but it so is because the night before last we put him down at 7:30 and so that was a cool 9 hours of sleep (this was wonderful except being a nursing mother I was very very much ready for him to wake up and actually had to poke him to get him moving before I exploded) and last night we had dinner with friends and he went to bed more like 9pm. Of course this new sleeping behavior has come at the same time that The Lucille came down with Hand Foot and Mouth disease plus we think she’s cutting her last molars and so hasn’t been sleeping through the night and so again we were at a loss for a solid 4 hours of sleep ourselves…until last night. We went to bed at 10:30 and he woke up at 4:30 and Lucy is still out…which means that we slept for almost 6 hours. The sleeping through the night is a big deal for those people with a 7 week old. I wonder if it will last.

Yesterday was my postpartum appointment to do one last check and give me the clearance to go run and return to normal activities. I’m a vision of health and so the doctor told me to go for it. So after giving Calvin some foods my Dad and I went running. Of course I was too excited to go at a time where it made sense to go and so I went at 1:30pm, during a heat wave in Chicago so it was 95 degrees with a feels like, 100-whatever. But I didn’t care, it felt so good to be back on the path and moving more than just walking. And so I went about 3 miles, with some walks in there. And so we start again.

I told the doctor that all I wanted to do was run the marathon again and she said when you run the marathon with kids it feels like more of an achievement because it’s just harder to get the training in. I was thinking back to when we trained for those three Chicago marathons and we were grad students and so for the most part we studied physics and ran and studied some more physics and ran some more. We really didn’t have any money and once you have the shoes running is free. We had all kinds of routes around the city and we would sometimes use our runs to complete errands. When we lived in the Ukrainian village we ran up here to lincoln square one night to drop our rent off to get our 10 mile run in. We could do that because it didn’t matter what time we got home and there were no kids around.

This are obviously different now. When it was just Lucy we ran plenty with her in the running stroller, but now with two it gets more difficult. Our plan in general will be to do our runs and workouts in the early morning before kids wake up. It’s the only time that we won’t be missed from family time or work time. In fact Jason just went out for his first run in awhile. On the weekends we might try and run with Lucy in the stroller as we think we can get one more summer with her in it. Since I’m the queen of schedules this is really right up my alley. I think the big thing is going to be to continue to get up at 4:30-5am since we are on the schedule with Cal as it is and if we can just stay there we can do our workouts then. That’s the plan anyways. As soon as I get into more of a rhythm with nursing this will also be easier.

I really really need to keep up with drinking water. I know it’s always important but it’s especially important if I’m going to start working out and continue to nurse. I had like 4 giant glasses of water to drink last night and woke up and didn’t have to go to the bathroom. That’s not good. And I felt like crap when I woke up because I was so dehydrated. When Lucy was about 7 months old I was biking to and from work (this was about 15 miles each way) and carrying my milk and pump and computer in a bag on my back and I wasn’t eating enough or drinking enough water and my milk supply started to decrease so I had to stop the biking. I don’t want that to happen again and so I just have to be conscience of what I’m putting in my body.

So that’s that. We’re back in the sense of one day down, and there is a little bit of a plan for the running future and so slowly we move forward.


The Napping House

Why…Hello there! Yes you, you that still somehow has a feed to my blog that I haven’t updated in oh much much too long. Especially considering last time I was here I was talking about being pregnant, and the new house that we were going to close on. We have lived in the house for about 2.5 months now…AND we have a little peanut who is going to be 6 weeks old on Monday.

Oh right…I never even announced if it was a boy or a girl or gone through a big long birth story. The baby is a boy who we named Calvin Rocco.

Calvin at 1 month

As Lucy’s nickname for the baby during my pregnancy was Rocky, we decided to keep the nickname in his name somehow. As far as a birth story goes…he’s here and we are both healthy and that’s about all there is to say about that. I will say that recovery from a second c-section is much much easier in the sense of you know what to expect (if you had one previously), however trying to recover while also chasing around a 2.5 year old made for a rough week about 3 weeks in. BUT he’s here and he’s awesome.

Right now everyone in the house is napping except for me and I totally probably should. Oh well…I’ll make sure to get a nap in tomorrow.

When you live in Chicago as we do, it’s important to really really use the city to your advantage in the summers because oh lord the winter is long and cold and gray and makes me want to crawl under the blankets. We have introduced Lucy to the beaches we have here and holy shit is she excited about them. We live about 15 minutes (in traffic) away from Foster or Montrose Beach and so the last two weekends we’ve zipped in the car and gone over there for a few hours. This is a great thing about living in Chicago.

“Lucy what do you want to do today?”

“I want to go to the beach”

“Ok, let’s get our stuff together and lets go.”

Lucy enjoys some time at the Beach in Chicago

Now granted….I would like to be a *little* bit more organized about beach time. We need a tent type thing since Cal just lays around and has been stuck in a stroller (ok fine he sleeps 90% of the time we are there…but still that will start to change) and I want to have things just ready to go. I want a big giant beach tote bag that we keep in the garage that we can just grab and go. We are getting a tent and a beach mat thing this week and I’m going to work on finding a giant tote bag (if anyone is still reading this and has any suggestions let me know). My ultimate plan is to go down to the beach earlier in the morning, meet my Dad and Stepmom down there and then somehow get a run in with Jason. We are trying out the plan on fathers day, we’ll see how it goes.

But if we lived in the suburbs that would never have happened. The trip to the beach would have to be at least somewhat planned because you aren’t leaving your house at 11, driving into the city, dealing with traffic. But living so close makes it pretty easy to do (parking is a hassle, which is why we want to start going earlier). Along with beach time, we hit up a street fair, took Lucy to the Millennium park fountains, hit the book fair and hence we are now the napping house.

I should get cleared to run next week. After Lucy I signed up for the marathon that was 10 months after she was born. I learned my lessons as running (for me) is not super easy after the baby. With breastfeeding/working full time it’s hard to get the runs in because you have to be pumped and not running when the baby is needed to eat (for your comfort too!) or when you are working (obviously), plus I can’t go for runs longer than 3 hours because he needs to eat (although in the last week he has really stretched out his feedings) and long runs for the marathon are well…long (yes I know that there aren’t that many of them…but still). My point is that trying to coordinate runs with those two things is a pain. Also since you burn calories while breastfeeding, you do have to eat enough to a) not dry up your milk supply and b) not get completely exhausted.

SO I’m not signed up for any long races right now. BUT I would like to run a race a month to keep me honest on the running front, and I would like to do the Indy Mini in May of next year and the Chicago marathon in October of next year. I’ll be done breastfeeding next summer and so I will have more freedom to run when I can and not around that schedule.

I’m looking forward to just getting back out there, even for itty bitty runs.

So there, that’s the update that should take me through another two months right? Ok maybe I’ll try and update a little bit more. I miss the online running community that I had built up all those many years ago. So yeah, run and write more….aren’t that always my goals?

Quite Amazing

Last week if we would have chatted I would have probably broken down in tears and told you there is no way I can have another baby with the two year old that had become a little crank monster. From pushing me away and saying, “go away mommy,” to just days full of tears and hysterics, I didn’t know how we were going to do it. Add in the fact that a move was happening in a few weeks and I was just about broken.

We determined that my ever expanding belly (seriously growing another giant baby in here) and the stuff starting to go into boxes was making her little brain a little nuts. So we slowed down a little bit. Cuddled with her a lot more and this week holy shit she’s done a 180. Now, she might have been a little sick or had a bit of an ear infection. We took her to the doctors on Friday and there was a little fluid in her ears but nothing to write home about. However, maybe it had already healed by the appointment. Who knows but either way this week has been giant gobs of fun.

Here are some highlights from our week:

  • Sharing a sandwich with Dad at a Potbellys
  • Walks home from school. We live a mile from her daycare and so that’s a long haul for a 2 year old. But she makes it all the way.
  • Finding balance beams all along the sidewalk
  • Ice cream *before* dinner
  • As the El goes overhead we stand underneath it and yell as loud as we can. Her favorite part of our walk home. She likes to make sure we all do the yelling. And why not! It’s fun.
  • Running, I mean just flat out running down the sidewalks in Chicago.
  • Holding hands while we quickly cross fairly busy streets.
  • Seeing her friends at the local playground and having her squeal in delight when she sees them.
  • Other friends seeing her while walking home and them squealing when they see her.
  • Having a face covered in chalk as we leave school. The chalk is slowly joined by lots of dirt. Then a mouth full of dirt and her request of, “I’d like some water please.” Oops..mom forgot her water bottle.
  • The walks home take over an hour and up to about 90 minutes. She collects rocks and other little treasures along the way. At one point she took the rock she was treasuring and had to touch it to every fence spoke along the way. If you’ve ever been on a Chicago sidewalk this is in front of every apartment. But what the hell am I rushing home for? I think she was listening to the sound it was making.
  • She got a new baby doll from Grandma and she likes to make sure the baby is covered up, and sleeping. I hope she will be as gentle with Rocky as she is with that baby….although she did have a frustrated moment and threw the baby on the floor. I think Rocky’s going to be a tough one though so he/she should be able to hand one little Lucille.

And because nothing is complete without some pictures. Here are some from our adventures:

In short, what a fun week on the parent front.

Next week gets super crazy so hopefully Lucy continues to hang in there and be a fun little trooper. Closing on the house on Thursdays and then the movers come a week later. Here we go!

New House

Well we are through step one of buying a new house! I think it’s the biggest step, we have agreed on a selling price and so we have a contract! Next on the docket is the inspection on Sunday (but no worries we’ll be home in time for the Superbowl…I made that a must). How did we end up being in a house in our favorite city in the world?

When Jason and I were in grad school we made no money, I mean…seriously we would be super excited if we could get to the end of the month with 10 dollars because we could usually find  bar that had a 4 dollar beer and we would go celebrate making it to the end of the month and each have one beer (although we each always wanted more). At that time we lived in a shitty little apartment in the Ukrainian Village and while we liked the neighborhood (kind of), and the commute to Fermilab was easy (this was a huge plus), the apartment was a piece of shit. There was barely any heat in the front of the apartment (seriously how the hell was that even legal?), the previous owner had cats that I think sprayed everywhere so for 2 years I lit candles and would always get a whiff of cat urine smell (although I’m 99% sure that it was my lunatic imagination), the kitchen had no counter tops, but was huge so that was weird. But it was a cheap roof over our heads and that counted for something.

Somehow we made it through those days. And they weren’t all bad. The money thing was always a monkey on our back but we learned how to do things on the cheap. Do you know training for a marathon is quite cheap? Just get some running shoes and go run. So we did a lot of running. We had a lot of fun and traveled a lot (work paid the way to Europe twice).

Since then Jason has gotten a “real job” and I have moved up to the postdoc world which isn’t so bad moneywise where I am. Although my job will probably change in 2-3 years.

During those Ukrainian Village days, Jason and I would wonder if we would ever own a condo in the city. We never even talked about owning a house because that possibility was just never going to happen. I knew I didn’t want to leave the city. I’m a city girl through and through (I always thank my lucky stars that I found someone that loves it and appreciates it as much as I do!) and the thought of living in Schaumburg, Naperville, Berwyn or any other suburb makes me cringe. I get why people live in the suburbs, I really do…but it’s just not for us.

From the Ukrainian Village (before that we were in a shitty apartment in Wrigleyville and before that a cute apartment in Bloomington and before that a shitty apartment in East Lakeview…but really that one was like 2 blocks from the lake so that was a lot of win…my point is a lot of apartment living) we moved to a great apartment in Lakeview where we have been for the last 3.5 years. Great landlord, great neighborhood, great location. But then we started to look at our savings account which has grown over the years, and we started going to open houses. We saw lots of condos in Lakeview and then widened our search to Lincoln Square. And what do you know…houses there were just a little more than condos on our block. And so more open houses. A Redfin tour. Some more houses with our landlord (who is a realtor).

We found a place we liked that would have been awesome “in a few years” since we would have put an extension on it, changed a staircase, landscaped the yard, added a garage and so on. We were planning on putting an offer down on Sunday but on Friday night we went for a walk around the neighborhood and I had a panic attack about the neighbor that had a coach house on the back. There was some bright ass light on the porch and it lit up the entire yard of the house we were interested in. Yes I am sure we could have talked to the owner and changed it and yes I’m sure with a garage, landscaping, a fence, and a deck in the back yard it wouldn’t even have been an issue. BUT I still went into a panic and at midnight on Friday night emailed our realtor that I wanted to see three other properties in our price range before putting an offer down.

He was able to get us into two of the others (the third was probably too expensive and too far away anyways). The first one was on the el track and while that wasn’t a deal breaker necessarily, the condition of the house was. It would have needed *a lot* of work. Then we went to view the original house we wanted (this was the 3rd viewing) and spent a lot of time talking about possibilities etc etc. Then it was off to the third one. Jason and I were so high on the house we liked that we were just kind of walking through not really looking. At one point my Dad came up to me and said, “Leah…do you realize this house is done.” I said, “Sure…wait, what do you mean?” He said, “I mean you can move in and not be thinking about renovations for the next 10 years of your life.” I started to look closer at this cute little house. And harder and harder…and Jason and I started looking at rooms a second and third time and we started to feel at home.

Not that any house is really done, you have to put time and effort into it to keep it nice. These owners have done that making little improvements here and there every year and there are still things to be done. But it’s not like a monkey on our backs that will be, “This house will be nice, when we finish that addition (and deck, and basement, and family room)”. If we had more money that could have been fun because we could have moved in and started with all of those things immediately…but we don’t and so it would have been a long time coming.

We put in a low offer on Monday night and went back and forth and by Wednesday we had an agreement. Thanks to our realtor for being a bulldog in the negotiations. We close on the 22nd of March. Obviously still a few major hoops to jump through (inspection and finalizing the mortgage), but it from where we stand things look to be pretty solid.

The house is 2 blocks from a great school, 2 blocks from an el stop and 6 houses down from good friends of ours (which is funny because when went to their house warming party we said, “Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a house like this someday.”). Turns out the two houses have the same floor plan although theirs does have an addition on the back.

So we are on to the next phase it seems like. With all the excitement sometimes I forget that I’m pregnant. 12 weeks till this little guy/gal comes out. And we have *nothing* ready. With a big move happening, we won’t be doing *anything* until we get into our new house…which will be about 4 weeks before the due date. So that’ll be exciting. Although I’m sure I won’t go early given my previous experience so I should be knowing exactly when things have to be ready!

Exciting times ahead.


I read this the other day: http://www.mamapedia.com/voices/an-open-letter-to-time

And then my eyes got a little watery at work.

I look at Lucy these days and I want to ask her where she came from. This goofy, chattering, tall, hilarious girl. She can’t be my daughter, because my daughter is a little baby girl. Of course she is her. After some time.

When she was little I was very excited about things like, “OH MY GOD SHE TOTALLY JUST ROLLED OVER!!!!” or “OH MY GOD SHE JUST ROLLED OVER THE OTHER WAY!!!!” To be fair little babies don’t do much so you are kind of always waiting for the next thing to happen.

My goal with baby Rocky is to just be. To just enjoy him or her as she is in that moment, because as soon as the day is gone, the little baby is a day older and a day wiser and pretty soon she’s doing summersaults and building towers with legos and “reading” her favorite books to all of her stuffed animals. The time, it goes so much faster than you realize.

I’m sure I’ll be saying the same thing with the next baby as I don’t think you are ever prepared to see your little babies all grown up. But I just want to take it a little easier. Not that I won’t be excited about the baby rolling over. I mean come on I still get excited about stupid little things that I would get excited about when I was 9 so I really haven’t changed that much, (ahem, Christmas morning).

As far as personally I want to take the same attitude. For example, I’m going to start running as soon as I’m allowed, but I’m not going to train for the marathon this year. With nursing I just couldn’t do it the last time I tried it and having to be out running for 3-4 hours at a time doesn’t work. We do have the baby jogging stroller but Rocky will be too little (although I think we can get an attachment for it that would work). And we have the Lucille to think about. Also last time I was biking about 24 miles a day (Ok I did this for like 3 weeks) to and from northwestern, or downtown to catch the train to then bike to fermilab. All while carrying my pump and then my pumped milk and a change of clothes on my back. No. Not this time. Although I would like to get some more use out of my bike.

I do have a goal of the 2013 marathon though. But I just want to be. I want to run and enjoy it and not feel like I have to. I do like all that I was doing last time because I got into pretty good shape pretty fast after she was born. When Jason would come home from work when I was on maternity leave, I would already be dressed in running clothes and I would hand him the baby and walk out the door. All day home with the little baby is tough so I imagine that will be similar. So OK fine, just no planned races. And no biking with pump parts. And I did love that Core Power Yoga.

With work and keeping the family unit from falling apart, I also think I will have to do all my runs early in the morning at like 4:45 because that is the only time that won’t take away from family time. Which will be tough, but not impossible. I need to make a Moms Morning Running Group. Running Jayhawk I’m looking at you.

Ok, I really meant for this to be a short post and on and on I went. In short. Enjoy the time.