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Racing and Lifting Heavy Things

Over the past weekend Jason and I ran a 10K race. I know I ran a 10K way way way back in 200…? 3? Something like that. The first time we did the Indy mini there were like training runs you could sign up to do and so we did the 10K and the 15K. […]

A Game for Lucy

We have been having some two year old stubbornness happening around these parts. And so every evening was turning into a power struggle and tears on her end. I don’t want to lose to the two year old but I don’t want to have fights every night. Bedtime was becoming an issue because she won’t […]

Family Fest 2012

Every summer we rent a house for a week with Jason’s family. This is the third year that we have done this and it was another great success! This year we rented a house in Muskegon, MI. The house was on Mona Lake, very close to Lake Michigan. Jason’s parents, his oldest brother and his […]

New House

Well we are through step one of buying a new house! I think it’s the biggest step, we have agreed on a selling price and so we have a contract! Next on the docket is the inspection on Sunday (but no worries we’ll be home in time for the Superbowl…I made that a must). How […]

Happy New Year

2011 was quite the wild ride for us here at JasonLeahRun. Ok not that wild, but it was a good year nonetheless.

2012 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting years I think we’ve had yet!

We are expecting baby Rocky (Lucy says the baby’s name is “Rock a baby in the […]

Five Stories in Five Days: The Final Story

Christmas Eve is here! Happy yule tide logs, egg nogs, and green frogs to all!

What you used to think was true wasn’t really true, but now it is true. Sorry about that.

How do you explain to your daughter that you killed Santa Claus?

I obviously didn’t mean to. I didn’t even […]

Five Christmas Stories in Five Days: Story 3

Three more days until Christmas! Here’s another story to get you in the holiday spirit.


A Very Ursine Christmas

What I didn’t know, until just today that is, is that bears celebrate Christmas. Brown bears, grizzly bears; they all celebrate the birth of Jesus – although, oddly enough, not polar bears. Maybe […]

Another Calm Baby?

When I was pregnant with Lucy around 20 weeks people would say, “Oh you must be feeling the baby?!?!” And I would smile worridly and say…well not yet. The whole pregnancy was me not feeling Lucy move, me sitting on the couch calmly drinking an ice cold blackberry izze and waiting for her to do […]

Why So Quiet? Some BIG News!

Nothing like titling a blog with a question and an exclamation point. Makes it all the more exciting! Oh look at there there is another exclamation point! And another! How about I get to the point? Ok fine.

So yeah, it’s been a little quiet here on the JasonLeahRun front. But that doesn’t mean our […]

Adventures in Daycare

When Lucy started daycare at her current location she got a viral infection called…Mollesucum…ok so I have no idea how the hell it’s spelled. But you get it from mats in gyms usually. When we took Lucy in for her 1 year appointment, she had a few little bumps on her stomach and the doctor […]