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Been Awhile….To Say the Least

Looking back, it looks like my last post with some actual content was just about two months ago. I have to say that’s pretty lame and as such I can already tell my writing is going to suffer here. Because you know what, practice makes perfect (or at least better) and so when there is […]

Perfection in Scheduling

I have gone through my share of crazy schedules.

Bike to metra. Lock bike downtown. Train to Wheaton where the car was left. Drive to Fermilab Bike to metra. Take bike on train. Train to Rt. 59. Bike from metra station to Fermilab Take the CTA to metra. Train to Wheaton. Drive to Lab. Drive […]

CERN…Wait What Time Is IT?

So here I am at CERN and I’ve immediately gone back to what I like to call Leah: The Undergraduate Years. Well..ok maybe like 80% that Leah…you know just the good parts. The parts where I was a NERD. You know rewriting all my notes from the day (yes. I do that), and working for […]

Finding My Way Back to Normal

Wow. That was a rough two weeks for me. Maybe I’m getting old (I am) or smarter (that too!) but I just can’t do the 4 hours of sleep a night. Maybe once, but when I do it I am just a little bit more than a puddle the next day. I can’t do it.


She’s Funny, Dad’s Running and Bloomington Here We Come

Well…at least for the last few days anyways. Monday and Tuesday of this week she was really really inactive. Enough so that I called the doctors office to ask them what a reasonable amount of movement at this stage would be. Turns out I’m golden and she’s doing fine.

From Wednesday evening on however she’s […]

Good. Long. Weekend.

Jason and I took off early Friday morning for a long weekend trip to Manistee, MI where we hung out with our good friends Jake and LaurA!

Jake’s Dad is a sculptor (you can see his work here at http://lesliescruggs.com) and does really amazing things. Outside their cottage they have a deck, called the Artdeck […]

How Did That Happen?

So I’ve kept up running throughout this pregnancy but you have probably noticed my posting about said running has gone down. That’s because most of the running has really been “running”. My usual course of action is to walk to the lakefront path and then run two miles and walk home. But the running part […]