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Run the Ring Running Club

Or as I would like to call it R^3C. Just cause I’m a nerd and that’s how I roll.

Back in January I said that I wanted to start a running club that would meet at 4pm and run around the ring at Fermilab. Why January, because it’s January and that is when you make […]

Eight! We Ran to the Burbs!

So, ok fine, maybe it’s not that impressive that we ran to and then through Lincolnwood considering that it’s a town of like 12,000 people and the fact that we live pretty far north in the city so it wasn’t that far to go.



We ran 8 miles. We ran through a suburb. […]

First Week Back

Well we managed to stay on the schedule for the most part. But the part that didn’t stay on the schedule was because we aren’t yet at a place where we can work out 7 days a week. The plan that I outlined in the last post worked out well and going to the gym […]

The Plan

So after lots of, “But wait, what about this” conversations I think I finally have a plan that will incorporate all the things that are important to us: Family, Work, Exercise. This is probably not that fascinating for most of you, but I’m just putting it down here to have it written down somewhere.This is […]

First Meeting with Pam

About a week and a half ago Jason and I joined the Lincoln Square Athletic Club…Oh right I talked about that last week (look at me posting more than once in 6 months!). Anyways, as part of a deal when you signed up you could get three personal training sessions for $100. So we decided […]

A Little Early…but That’s Ok

Note this entire post is based on the last two days of behavior…so really tomorrow it’s going to be totally different because babies are the most inconsistant thing n the planet :).

So in my head Calvin goes to bed at 7 and wakes up at 5. Does that really happen? Um no…so why do […]

Going to Over Do It?

It has been great getting back into a running routine. I used to say it takes about 2 weeks to get into a routine and I still think that holds. Although with two kids I think it will be more like 3 or 4 weeks. I know when I start things I tend to over […]

Sleep, Running and Clearly Not Enough Water

Calvin is now just over 7 weeks old and for the past two nights has slept till 4:30. I know I know, 4:30!!! That’s not sleeping through the nigh dummy! Oh but it so is because the night before last we put him down at 7:30 and so that was a cool 9 hours of […]

The Napping House

Why…Hello there! Yes you, you that still somehow has a feed to my blog that I haven’t updated in oh much much too long. Especially considering last time I was here I was talking about being pregnant, and the new house that we were going to close on. We have lived in the house for […]


I read this the other day: http://www.mamapedia.com/voices/an-open-letter-to-time

And then my eyes got a little watery at work.

I look at Lucy these days and I want to ask her where she came from. This goofy, chattering, tall, hilarious girl. She can’t be my daughter, because my daughter is a little baby girl. Of course she […]