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Run Her Out?

Jason and I just went for a nice little walk in some cold weather. Feels like winter is almost upon us, which is perfect timing since we got our firewood supply delivered yesterday.

So on this walk it was a little chilly and I was like hey, I’m wearing running pants and running shoes let’s […]

Baby Shower! Lockdown! Big Belly! Oh My!

Well here I sit at 30 weeks….ok almost 30 weeks which is why this post isn’t titled 10 WEEKS TO GO. The flip over date for my appointments is on Fridays. So I’m *in* the 30th week. Hey…kinda like I’m in my 30th year so I won’t really be turning 30 next week as that […]

Ok I Broke a Sweat Alright

*note* I’m not that concerned about my weight gain….just frustrated at the doc a bit…this will come out in the following post.

So all good at the docs yesterday except my apparent elephantness. Even though when I look at myself in the mirror all I see is baby belly bump. No nothing anywhere else. […]

How Did That Happen?

So I’ve kept up running throughout this pregnancy but you have probably noticed my posting about said running has gone down. That’s because most of the running has really been “running”. My usual course of action is to walk to the lakefront path and then run two miles and walk home. But the running part […]

A Bit Short

So I have been a bit short of breath these days. According to my pregnancy book this is totally normal, but no less annoying. It’s nothing crazy either like I’m gasping for breath. I’ll mention it when I see my doctor tomorrow. Tomorrow is our 24 week appointment where I will do this glucose screening […]

Running and Weekend Update

Well this is still by definition a running blog. And so perhaps one of us should talk about running instead of baby things.

Jason is running the Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon on Sunday. We both signed up for this race back in April when we were trying to get pregnant but didn’t want to […]

Well…that was Busy!

With a capital ‘B’.

This weekend was chock full of all kinds of crazy things. On Friday I went to loopy yarns for their Friday night knit along. My cousin is having a baby *any* day now and the baby blanket I’m making for them has to be done by the time I head down […]

Heartbeat! Running! No Moving :(

So yes as you saw in our last post we amazingly got to hear the heart beating. It was so great to hear it right away and not have a problem finding it. Makes me calm down *a little*. Not a lot mind you, but just a little. I am really looking forward to the […]

Sweat it Out…Really?

I must be an athlete from the 80s because after having a horrible day at work feeling like crud, and ending up really cranky I decided to go running when we got home thinking I could maybe sweat the sick out. And actually….I feel a ton better. I don’t know if it was just a […]

Here’s the Lot of Them

Like I mentioned in the post yesterday Jason and I have been writing secret blog posts for the past 12 weeks and as now everything is out in the open we are publishing them tonight. To get to just the posts about the pregnancy you can go to this link:


And for them to […]