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New Baby Update

Today we had our 20 week appointment. You know the big one where you get the good ultrasound pictures and find out that all is ok with all of the organs. It’s an exciting appointment because with how good the ultrasounds are you can get a view of what the baby looks like which I […]

Ok I Broke a Sweat Alright

*note* I’m not that concerned about my weight gain….just frustrated at the doc a bit…this will come out in the following post.

So all good at the docs yesterday except my apparent elephantness. Even though when I look at myself in the mirror all I see is baby belly bump. No nothing anywhere else. […]

Going Cloth and Lucy at 28.5 Weeks

I’ve mentioned in the past that we are going to cloth diaper our baby. So you make that statement and then there are like 8000 different options to choose from. For example there are Fuzzibunz which have one sized diapers as well as something called the perfect sized diaper. Then there are prefolds and covers […]

Hold the Phones…It’s Not Just Me & You?

Ok. So right. This is an obvious one.

In about 3 months Lucille Jean R. will be here. In our lives. Consuming them. And we’ll be consuming her with love and kisses and pictures and excitement.

Now here is where I get to sound like the worst soon-to-be-mother ever. What happens to You and I? […]

Quick Week

Wait it’s Friday already.

And Hold. The. Phones. Today is August 28th. Ok so then. September 28th = 1, October 28th = 2 & November 28th = 3. Shit. That means 3 months from right now Lucy could be here. Knowing my luck she’ll being enjoying herself too much not joining us and so I’ll […]


So according to that little widget over there ——————>

There are 100 days left until Baby Lu comes to greet us. Give or take a few days.


That’s … well…that’s close. When we got the positive pregnancy test back in March we were in a bit of shock to say the least and it […]

First Half of the Last Half

You know…that part. You’ve crossed the half marathon point and you are all, “Whoah I’m halfway done!” Then you run another block and you go, “Holy hell, I’m only 1/2 way done.” Then you put your head down for the next 6 miles or so and look out for that 20 mile marker where you […]

Hey Little Lucy

How’s it hanging in mom’s uterus? Good? Comfy? I know you don’t like sour filled twizzlers or when I sleep on my back so I’m trying my best to stop the sleeping on the back thing. Wow do you know how to cause some pain little girl. I know it’s not you…but rather you sitting […]

Heartbeat! Running! No Moving :(

So yes as you saw in our last post we amazingly got to hear the heart beating. It was so great to hear it right away and not have a problem finding it. Makes me calm down *a little*. Not a lot mind you, but just a little. I am really looking forward to the […]

Baby’s First Art Fair

This morning I opted out of running to try to get over this cold that is plaguing my system. In super exciting news (ok, it’s not exciting at all unless you’re me….or your pregnant and understand the waking up in the middle of the night), I slept through the night…FOR TWO STRAIGHT NIGHTS! I think […]