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Been Awhile….To Say the Least

Looking back, it looks like my last post with some actual content was just about two months ago. I have to say that’s pretty lame and as such I can already tell my writing is going to suffer here. Because you know what, practice makes perfect (or at least better) and so when there is […]

Really Chicago Weather?

Seriously. It’s crappy here. I like to pretend that March doesn’t exist. Because really, there is no point to the month at all. I mean christ, it’s cloudy, gray…but not even really gray, just basic lacking in color. I am going to run tonight. Don’t know if I’ll go before getting Lucy or waiting for […]

CERN…Wait What Time Is IT?

So here I am at CERN and I’ve immediately gone back to what I like to call Leah: The Undergraduate Years. Well..ok maybe like 80% that Leah…you know just the good parts. The parts where I was a NERD. You know rewriting all my notes from the day (yes. I do that), and working for […]

Finding My Way Back to Normal

Wow. That was a rough two weeks for me. Maybe I’m getting old (I am) or smarter (that too!) but I just can’t do the 4 hours of sleep a night. Maybe once, but when I do it I am just a little bit more than a puddle the next day. I can’t do it.



Well the good news is it’s not strep for me. The bad news is that I still have a very swollen throat and this irritating cough and BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Also I’m on this 4am-noon shifts and last week I was all, “I KNOW I’LL JUST RUN AROUND THE RING WHEN THEY ARE OVER!!!” Instead […]


Wow. What a whirlwind few days already this week. Both days so far this week I’ve been at Fermilab getting accounts and getting reacclimated to physics code. Read: not the prettiest thing in the world. However, it seems to be like riding a bike and so I’m back in ROOT, and fitting distributions and all […]


Everyone says, “It’ll change when the baby comes. You’ll see.” I get a lot of “You’ll see”. I don’t like it. I’ll see what? Why won’t people let me figure it out for myself. I’m sure they are right, and I’ll see whatever it is they are talking about. But maybe I’ll have a different […]