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Motivation? Where Did You Go?

Seriously, it doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that I was pumped to run and was running 8:whatever minute miles.

I know, I know I just said on the last post that I’m just happy to be running at all. That’s a Lie.

I want to run far again and I just can’t […]

Been Awhile….To Say the Least

Looking back, it looks like my last post with some actual content was just about two months ago. I have to say that’s pretty lame and as such I can already tell my writing is going to suffer here. Because you know what, practice makes perfect (or at least better) and so when there is […]

New Photography Project

I know you are thinking, “Leah, really? Another photo project? But you have failed at all your other projects. Do I even need to remind you about the two (TWO!) failed attempts at 365?”

Ok. Fine. I start lots of projects and they somehow get lost among the 8,001 other things I have going on. […]

Super Fun Baby + Another Week of Running

Do you realize how fun a 15 month old is. Lucy laughs all the time for seemingly no reason. She thinks the weirdest things are *hilarious*. She is so much fun to watch and play with these days. She’s into *everything*, blabs all the time (every once in awhile we realize she says something real). […]

Working Remotely, Knitting and Other Stuff

So Fermilab is cool right? It’s also about an hour away from my apartment. And so part of the deal of this new jobs is I get to work at Northwestern some days a week which is a very nice commute for me. No more shoving myself onto the el like a sardine! Yay! Win!


Mother’s Day!

What a wonderful weekend! Saturday was pretty relaxed…or must have been because I can’t really remember what we did. I think we went running….but yeah don’t really remember. So let’s just talk about Sunday. Quickly because it’s almost time for working time.

Sunday I woke up at 5 and tried something new. Instead of waiting […]

Olympus Pen

So this awesome commercial came out awhile ago for the new Olympus Pen commercial…wait I can find it and link it for you…hold one second.

Yeah here it is: http://www.olympus.eu/penstory/

That video was all a twitter a few weeks ago, and I sent it on to my Dad and we chatted a little bit about […]

Pretty Sure I’m an Idiot

So. I develop my pictures on a MacBook Pro that’s going on about 3 years old. And sometimes I would get the beach ball of death. WHY IS THIS SO SLOW!?!?!? I have 4GB of ram, the computer is not that old. What the hell.

In the meantime that computer had died. Although we hope […]

Weekly Roundup

So what’s all this talk about software and knitting and baby Lucy and whatever else? Isn’t this a running blog?

Wait…what is this blog?

I started this blog back in grad school when Jason and I had desks in the basement of the D-Zero detector building, right next to the machine. Seriously. We had nothing, […]

The Schedule I’d Like to Keep

So. I’m a busy person. I have a ton of hobbys, obviously a new mom and then of course the 9-5 job. SO since I’ve come back to work I’ve been trying to fit in all the following things:

photography knitting work practice for work parenting running reading blogging

That’s eight things that really could […]