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Quite Amazing

Last week if we would have chatted I would have probably broken down in tears and told you there is no way I can have another baby with the two year old that had become a little crank monster. From pushing me away and saying, “go away mommy,” to just days full of tears and […]


I read this the other day: http://www.mamapedia.com/voices/an-open-letter-to-time

And then my eyes got a little watery at work.

I look at Lucy these days and I want to ask her where she came from. This goofy, chattering, tall, hilarious girl. She can’t be my daughter, because my daughter is a little baby girl. Of course she […]

New Baby Update

Today we had our 20 week appointment. You know the big one where you get the good ultrasound pictures and find out that all is ok with all of the organs. It’s an exciting appointment because with how good the ultrasounds are you can get a view of what the baby looks like which I […]

Feeling Overwhelmed

You know that feeling. You have your to do list. And it’s long…or at least it seems really long. And so you think, well I could that…or that … or maybe that item. But instead I’m seeing that there is a Law and Order SVU marathon on so I’ll just watch some of that while […]

Hold the Phones…It’s Not Just Me & You?

Ok. So right. This is an obvious one.

In about 3 months Lucille Jean R. will be here. In our lives. Consuming them. And we’ll be consuming her with love and kisses and pictures and excitement.

Now here is where I get to sound like the worst soon-to-be-mother ever. What happens to You and I? […]

Quick Week

Wait it’s Friday already.

And Hold. The. Phones. Today is August 28th. Ok so then. September 28th = 1, October 28th = 2 & November 28th = 3. Shit. That means 3 months from right now Lucy could be here. Knowing my luck she’ll being enjoying herself too much not joining us and so I’ll […]

We Got a New Running Partner

Why has Jason had to start training alone for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon?

How come Leah can’t beat Jason in a sprint anymore?

Is that Leah wearing two sports bras?

The answer to all these questions is yes! Wait. The answer to the last question is yes. The answer to the […]