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Lucy is Two

Really? When did that happen? I mean it was just like a few minutes ago that she looked like this:


I read on the internet recently that the days go slow but the years go fast and holy crap is that true. Where did the last two years go? I mean […]

18 Months & A Comment on Parents

Well, where I have been. Busy! Where am I now? Princeton, New Jersey for the D0 Collaboration meeting. I’m up early and so I have some time.

Do you know that the little miss Lucille has turned 18 months old. This is what she looks like:

Wait….whose’s kid is that? Can’t be mine, I […]

Growing Like a Weed + Actual Running

Lucy is now 15 months old. When the hell did that happen? We had her well baby visit yesterday and she’s good on all fronts. 32″ tall (95th percentile) 22lb 11oz (50th percentile…happy to see her put on some weight) and 75% in head (she must have gotten some of Jason and some of me […]

The End of an Era

Well. Lucy is weened. 100% done.

Holy crap.

Do you know that she will be a year old next week. I found out I was pregnant at the end of March last year, so really for the past 20 months or so I have in some way been physically connected to her. Lucy has always […]


This morning we put little Miss Lucy Lu on her stomach which she doesn’t hate, but doesn’t love either. Usually she deals with it for a few minutes before barking at us letting us know she’s done with that business. This morning however, she kept her big noggin’ held up for a long time, and […]