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Working Remotely, Knitting and Other Stuff

So Fermilab is cool right? It’s also about an hour away from my apartment. And so part of the deal of this new jobs is I get to work at Northwestern some days a week which is a very nice commute for me. No more shoving myself onto the el like a sardine! Yay! Win!


Quick Update

in 10 minutes!

So my awesome 5am-11pm plan didn’t work out so well. Shocking right? Turns out I’m not 21 anymore. Damn.

In fact I think the not enough sleeping got me pretty sick as I was out for the count on Tuesday this week. But then feeling a lot better yesterday. I don’t know. […]

Weekly Roundup

So what’s all this talk about software and knitting and baby Lucy and whatever else? Isn’t this a running blog?

Wait…what is this blog?

I started this blog back in grad school when Jason and I had desks in the basement of the D-Zero detector building, right next to the machine. Seriously. We had nothing, […]

The Schedule I’d Like to Keep

So. I’m a busy person. I have a ton of hobbys, obviously a new mom and then of course the 9-5 job. SO since I’ve come back to work I’ve been trying to fit in all the following things:

photography knitting work practice for work parenting running reading blogging

That’s eight things that really could […]

Busy Awesome Weekend. Plus Pictures!

Wow. What an incredible weekend. On Friday afternoon my Dad and Sue brought Lucy downtown and met Jason and I for lunch. Which was awesome. Lucy liked the park and the big fountains. And we liked seeing her in the middle of the day.

The three of us. On a wonderful Friday afternoon.


Grids, Socks and Cleaning!

So today is Friday, by far my favorite day of the week. At work there is talk of some redesign for our site. Where this time we will for real follow a grid system. I hopefully will really be able to work on this and then I can get my, “NO.” on when people are […]

So. Many. Things.

See if I was good blogger I would update this more often so that I wouldn’t have to have a post that was all, SO MANY THINGS.

So yeah, I’ve gone back to work and suddenly not having those 9-10 hours a day makes the time to do all the other things I do tough […]

Needs a New Knitting Project

Yesterday I finished the last of three projects that I had started over the summer. Yes. That’s right, over the summer. They shouldn’t have taken me so long but I would get into a bad state on all of them and not want to fix any of them and so I would just put them […]

How Did That Happen?

So I’ve kept up running throughout this pregnancy but you have probably noticed my posting about said running has gone down. That’s because most of the running has really been “running”. My usual course of action is to walk to the lakefront path and then run two miles and walk home. But the running part […]