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Too Much?

Yesterday I bypassed the Users Center with all of my colleagues because I really want to try and stick with scheduled workouts (and less beer…although that isn’t as important :) ). I hadn’t gone to the gym before I came to work (because honestly I didn’t think about it) and so I knew I would have to go after dinner. So home I went.

Dinner with the family which is an obvious plus to coming home earlier. Bath time with kids. Lucy is now asking questions about Rocky’s “tail” in the bathtub. Uh, yeah that’s his penis. Yes daddy has one too.

After reading some Dr. Seuss, which Lucy is really into these days (fun for the person reading as well) it was off to the gym for me. I did three circuits three times each. Took me about an hour. Not too bad. In the last circuit I do decline pushups which have always been tough for me, but yesterday I was able to do 15 on each set (ok fine, 14.5 on the last one, couldn’t push back up) so that was some improvement

It’s amazing how quickly I can see changes just by making some slightly better decisions and sticking to gym days. It’s only been a couple of weeks but hoping I can keep the schedule going.  I’m pretty sore though today so either I did too much, or my body is just working on getting into this equilibrium. My runs have felt stronger too. I have a 7 miler planned for lunchtime today, so we’ll see how I’m feeling during that.

This weekend workouts are off the table. I have a friend in town. It’s the weekend before my birthday. We have Cubs tickets for Sunday. And the Bears play the Sunday Night game. So in other words it’s my liver that will be getting the workout this weekend.

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