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Run the Ring Running Club

Or as I would like to call it R^3C. Just cause I’m a nerd and that’s how I roll.

Back in January I said that I wanted to start a running club that would meet at 4pm and run around the ring at Fermilab. Why January, because it’s January and that is when you make resolutions and I just wanted to get back to more consistent running. I figured if one other person showed up then I would have to go, and if one other person thought I was going to show up then I would have to go. I had a lot of interest but no one really joined me until the weather got better in April. Now we have a solid crew of about 7-8 people depending on the week and what meetings or travel is going on.

Since starting that I have run almost every Tuesday even if I don’t run any other days during the week.

Since it worked so well I decided to make another 2 days a week of running at the lab. Around lunch time on Thursdays and 7 or 8am on Fridays. A few people have joined on Friday and no one yet on Thursday.

My plan is to make my Tuesday run some kind of speed work, Thursdays a mid week longer run and Fridays an easy run followed by some weight training. Yesterday was a Tuesday and I did 5 mile run with an average pace of just below 8min/mile. The breakdown of the min/mile for each mile makes it into kind of a tempo run [8:13, 8:08, 7:45, 7:34, 8:08].

Tonight it’s back to the LSAC for some kind of weight circuits.

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