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Gym Rat. Nerd Fitness.

Whoa! It’s been forever since I’ve been here. This whole blog started out super lame with me literally just saying how far I ran and where I went. Super. Boring. Shit.

But for me it was just a place to write down what I did and keep track AND keep me honest.

So as I start to slowly get back into shape I want to again document what I’m doing. I’m reading http://nerdfitness.com as well as using a trainer at my gym  to help guide my workouts. In the end I want to be a stronger faster runner.


2x:  Incline press, Incline Row, Single leg squats, Dead lifts

2x: tricep extensions, quick step ups, bicep curls (left, right, both), asymmetric arm lifts

2x: kettle bell squat to shoulder press, kettlebell lateral walk, TRX pushups, row challenge pyramid (1-5, 5-1)

2x: leg lift with medicine ball throw, medacine side to side with feet off ground

1x (because I forgot the last one): superman v-ups.

Clearly I don’t know the actual names for most of the things. But I know what they mean to me. I have the amount of weight I’m doing in a separate spreadsheet.


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