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Growing Up

My Dad and Stepmom watched our kids last night while we went out to dinner at g.e.b. with some friends ours. On the way home I checked my email and my Dad had written the following to us, and I thought I’d share it.


Everyone knows that you can never go home again which really means you can never have that first kiss again, first dance, first drink, first loss, first win. You just can’t. You move on.

So it is a real treat when you DO get to do something again. To have the opportunity to once again read Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel to a little girl is something I never really thought I’d get to do again. It’s just as much fun as ever and quite a good story if you’ve not read it or had it read to you. (In case you’re wondering the moon does NOT make an appearance.)

Then there is the made up story. Making up stories for my daughter is one of our fondest memories. If you’ve not done this I can help. Here’s how they go….

Once upon a time there was a little (girl/boy) (doing something like walking in the woods) all. by. (him/her) self. Then something scary happens threatening the well being of said (girl/boy) and perhaps some woodland creatures. The little (girl/boy) then come up with an amazing solution and (he/she) and various woodland creatures live happily ever after.

This works over and over again. Trust me.

Now, as adults and sophisticated appreciators of fine literature we truly treasure a book that touches us. That puts us in the scene. That harkens to universal truths that our own lives have touched upon. It’s true for little made up stories as well. . .

Tonight’s story started thus..Once upon a time there was a little girl sailing in a sail boat all. by. her. self.

Lucy’s eyes light up and she sits up in bed. “Was her name LUCY?”

Indeed her name WAS Lucy!

Lucy already gets that all stories are about her as all classic novels are always about us.

1 comment to Growing Up

  • Rob Strickler

    I can’t follow that story model. :(
    We’re always reading to the twins at the same time. There’s so little time when they’re apart; perhaps we should start splitting them up? But they play so well together…

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