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Eight! We Ran to the Burbs!

So, ok fine, maybe it’s not that impressive that we ran to and then through Lincolnwood considering that it’s a town of like 12,000 people and the fact that we live pretty far north in the city so it wasn’t that far to go.



We ran 8 miles. We ran through a suburb. Touched a light post at Touhy Ave. It was raining pretty hard for 3/4 of our run and when we turned around we realized we felt so good as the gusts of wind and rain were now in our faces.

I don’t know the last time I ran 8 miles. I’m pretty sure it was before Lucy was born and like way before as right before she was born I was enjoying most nights drinking beers and eating burgers at Sheffields…I might have on 8 mile run in there when I was running last summer, but I think those were all about 6 miles.

Didn’t time ourselves. Thanks again (seriously I don’t know how many thank yous I can say, I must do something bigger) to my Dad and Sue for watching the kiddlets while we were out running. I forget that these long runs take…well a long time. Nice to be able to run together every once in awhile.


Hit 20 miles for the week last week, and two days at the gym. Loving the working out…not loving how exhausted I am. But I know that it will pass and the running/gym time will become as normal as that cup (or 5) of coffee in the morning.

2 comments to Eight! We Ran to the Burbs!

  • DAd

    Nice run you guys and real fun with the kiddlets as usual!

  • Sue

    We love the watching and being with the kiddlets and You.
    So no thanks necessary.
    Keep on running.
    Maybe someday I’ll buy a bike and ride along with — maybe!

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