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Racing and Lifting Heavy Things

Over the past weekend Jason and I ran a 10K race. I know I ran a 10K way way way back in 200…? 3? Something like that. The first time we did the Indy mini there were like training runs you could sign up to do and so we did the 10K and the 15K. My point is that I don’t really have a PR for a 10K and I didn’t really know what to expect. I set my goal at averaging 8:30 miles.

The race was a lot of fun. it was a great course along Chicago’s lakefront path. It was a smallish race (just over 400 participants in the field) and so when we started it was like, ok ready go! and I was like..uh, wait…I’m not ready! My stepmom watched Lucy and Calvin while we ran (my dad ran too and did a great job even though he might not think he did..Hi Dad!), and we got to see them at 3 different points along the race. The first time was just after the start and I ran over to Lucy and gave her a kiss and a hug. By the ┬álast checkpoint with them I was just like, let’s just make sure it doesn’t look like mom is dying.

I was keeping track of my miles via my timex watch. We were going roughly 8 min miles per mile (the first was slower around 8:40). The last 0.2 of the course was long which to a data nerd like me was annoying. It took 2:25 to run the last 0.2 and I know we didn’t slow dow that much if at all. I measured it out on google maps when I got home and while I don’t know the *exact* start and finish line as they were just in the park, I’m pretty close and the distance came out to 6.35. ANYWAYS. Our time was 51:35 (8:18 min/mile for a 6.2 course). Which is totally awesome. We are going to do a 5K next month and I don’t yet know what my goal is for that.

I’ve been very very consistent about training. I go to the gym on Monday and Wednesdays and I run, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. I think going to the gym has made a huge huge improvement in my general “feel goodness” when running. I had a trainer and so I have two “programs” that I do. The first consists of two circuits a total of 8 different exercises. I do each circuit three times. The second program has three circuits with a total of 12 different things…including decline pushups, which I have a really hard time with…but getting better.

I have one more session with the little evil genius that goes by the name of Pam and so I’ll get one more circuit of things to do. I’m considering getting some more sessions with her just to get different things to do. But I will probably wait for a few months to do this as we get some money things sorted it out.

Work is going ok. Working from home a few days a week really helps the situation.

And just because I can’t help it. One of the latest funny pictures of the Calvin Kid:

He noticed the Star Wars t-shirt Jason was wearing and realized he was being raised by nerds.

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