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The Plan

So after lots of, “But wait, what about this” conversations I think I finally have a plan that will incorporate all the things that are important to us: Family, Work, Exercise. This is probably not that fascinating for most of you, but I’m just putting it down here to have it written down somewhere.This is obviously assuming everything goes perfectly which as anyone with kids and a full time job knows, it probably won’t most weeks….BUT  having a plan is a good start,

Mondays: Jason goes to the gym around 6am and goes to work from there. I take Lucy into school and go to Northwestern. Jason picks her up, well all meet back at home around 6. Dinner, kids to bed and then I go to the gym around 8:00 or 9:00 pm.

Tuesdays: Jason runs in the morning. I work from home and start the day very early (5am). Jason takes Lucy to school. I run in the late afternoon and end the run at her school (this right here is where my brilliance shows) then somehow get home. Meet Jason at home, dinner and kids to bed and we get a down evening

Wednesdays: Fermilab day for me. Jason will have to go the gym and come home instead of going straight to work, grandparents over earlier so someone is in the house with kids. I pick Lucy up in the car on my way back home. Meet Jason at home, dinner, kids to bed and then I go to the gym again around 8pm.

Thursdays: Same as Tuesdays

Fridays: We both go to the gym in the morning. I take Lucy in, Jason picks her up. Then Friday night free for all food wise.

Saturdays: Run for both when we can

Sundays: Run for both when we can.

Some things to note about the schedule:

  • Dinners together as a family happen every night. We aren’t foresaking those moments for the gym. I’m pretty strict about dinner time, I think it’s important to have the, “How was your day?” conversations. And while those conversations aren’t *exactly* happening right now (well with a stubborn two year old), I want to have the idea of that happening in place.
  • Jason and I do either the drop off or the pick up and at reasonable times, which is important. I don’t want to get into a situation where we are working out and getting all fit but then Lucy is at daycare from when they open to when they close or hiring one of the teachers to bring her home or whatever. With this schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays I should be able to get her early-ish. And the other days will be normal days for her.
  • This one is a big one and when I have gotten busy in the past it helps to use this trick. Runs can very easily be used to run your errands, especially for those of us that live in a city where things are accessible. Have a dentist appointment? Run home! Need to drop your rent off? Run in it (we did this when we were running a lot and did a 10-11 mile run on a Wednesday night and dropped the rent off on the way). So I can do my runs and just end them at her daycare, which deletes the time to do the run, come home and shower, and THEN get back to lakeview to pick her up. I have to run anyways, so if those 45-60 minutes are done and I’m there to pick her up I lose absolutely nothing. Although the people riding home with sinky me on a crowded train might lose their minds. Hence the “get home somehow”.  I have ideas of leaving a small back with a clean shirt at her school or showering at my Dad’s, or having my Dad drive the baby to the daycare since he lives right next door. Then he’s home and I have the car to get home in.
  • My workouts mostly happen in the evening, or later afternoons which while breastfeeding is the better plan for me so I’m the most comfortable and don’t have to pump anymore than I absolutely have to.
  • Clearly a lot of the plan is banked on having the support at home early in the morning from my dad and sue. This is mainly true on Wednesdays when Jason has to go to the gym and I’ve already left for Fermilab as well as Fridays although we can manage that one I think.
  • This plan has us working out 7 days a week which I think is doable because it’s not running every day or lifting weights every day but switches it up. Right now I’m not at 7 days a week so it’ll take a few more weeks of work to get to that point.

I also want to find time to run with Jason either with Lucy in the jogging stroller, or just the two of us, or both if we can enlist the grandparental units to help out.

I like being busy and having a schedule helps because if you look at the above without a plan you would go, well when the hell are you going to fit in running? Or Work? Or picking up dropping off the kids? I’m sure this plan will morph, I just don’t want it to morph to nothing.

Suggestions? How have you found time to get in workouts with a busy and hectic schedule?

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