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A Game for Lucy

We have been having some two year old stubbornness happening around these parts. And so every evening was turning into a power struggle and tears on her end. I don’t want to lose to the two year old but I don’t want to have fights every night. Bedtime was becoming an issue because she won’t go to sleep and she shares a room with Calvin and so ….

…. oh for godsakes. Diaper blowout…..must pause.

Ok, I’m back, right bedtime was an issue and just in general two year old crap. Lucy don’t do that. Looks right at me, grins and does it anyways, that kind of shit.

I talked a bit to one of her teachers and she suggested just maybe some one on one time with us since everything was becoming too routine, come home, eat dinner take a bath go to bed. So try to change it up a bit with a game or a walk or something. So I wanted to come up with something different and fun for her to do.

So as I was walking to the farmers marker a few days ago I just started taking pictures with my phone of neighborhood things. A stop sign. A flower. A fire hydrant. Some things I thought she might recognize like a bush on of of the streets that she calls The Dinosaur, or our friends house down the street, or the fountain in the square. Then some other more abstract pictures, a tree trunk, leaves etc etc.

I have a little Epson picturemate printer and so I imported the photos, and printed two per 4×6 page:

Then I went to Walgreens and got a memo book for $0.49 along with some circle label stickers. I made a cover for the book when I got home and just taped (two sided tape) one picture per page of the book.

When she got home I gave it to her and told her how to play. When she found one of the pictures in the neighborhood, she could put a circle sticker on it.

(That’s right one of the things to find was the liquor store. Shut up. I totally get points for making the game up….so what if one of the things is a liquor store :) ).

The game was a big hit although we had to end it at some point and then she was sad. But it’s fun that the second she saw the picture of our friends house she said, “AHH STUART AND MARY’S HOUSE”  same with the “dinosaur” bush. Would recommend this for any one. Super cheap and fast if you have a little printer. The making of the book probably took me 30 minutes or less. I think is great for this age but could go up to older kids as well. You could be more specific with older kids. Find *this* tree instead of just any tree, etc.

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