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First Meeting with Pam

About a week and a half ago Jason and I joined the Lincoln Square Athletic Club…Oh right I talked about that last week (look at me posting more than once in 6 months!). Anyways, as part of a deal when you signed up you could get three personal training sessions for $100. So we decided to each to it. My goals are to learn how to use the gym to make me a better runner, if that makes sense. I don’t want to get much bigger, but rather just tone what I have or build muscles that will help me run better. I am pretty muscular from my days as an athlete back in high school….which I know was (shut up) 15 years ago…but I think that can stick around (maybe?). Plus lugging two kids around tends to give you some muscles (we went out to dinner with friends when Lucy was about a year old and my friend said, “Are you working out?” I laughed and said no, not unless you consider lifting a beer working out. And then I realized it was from carrying Lucy around all the time!). Anyways…my point is I don’t want to get that much bigger, but I do want to get stronger.

And that’s where Pam comes in.

When you signed up for the trainer you wrote down what your goals were and then they paired you up with a trainer that has expertise in that area. Pam ran for Loyola and is now a member of an elite running team. She said, “Yeah I ran the 800 in college and then I couldn’t believe it when I ran a 1:22 half marathon my first time out.” So yeah, she’s fast. But also super muscular, but not in a gross way, just in that way where she probably has not one ounce of fat on her.

At the beginning of the session she said she could get my weight and body fat percentage so I could know where I was if I wanted. I told her that I really hate weighing myself and would rather just work out and get healthier and I know when I’m at a weight I’m comfortable with because my jeans fit (without me having to not breath to button them). I really only weigh myself when I’m pregnant because I have to :). So I opted out of that.

Then we did some circuit training using medicine balls, kettle balls, benches, and the a lat pull down/fly machine that she incorporated those like 1/2 dome squishy things (I know nothing about working out including the names of anything). Everything she did also engaged the core. And you know what…the gym was fun. Our gym is new and has a ton of sky lights all over the place. So while I hate to be in gym in the summer, it was nice to be able to do a gym workout without feeling like I was inside. We used to belong to the YMCA and while I loved the price it really was just super dark and dingy.

I asked her to email me the circuits what we did because I’ve already forgotten it.

….Must pause to change Rocky’s diaper. Seriously that was a lot of poop sounds coming out of that kid…..

Alright…I’m back.

I think I’m going to be super sore tomorrow. I mean I’m super sore today, but I feel like when you start working out the pain likes to wait a day. Everything kind of hurts anyways. I think not working out seriously for like 5 years had a toll on my body. I’m all, “My knees hurt. My ankle hurts.” Which them makes me want to shoot myself because I sound so OLD. I mean I’ve done some running since the last time I ran the marathon, but nothing seriously. And lifting weights consistently? Um. Early on in graduate school? Maybe? If ever.

I think as I start all this new stuff, running will suffer a little bit because if I had just continue to run forward in a line I feel like I could have added distance but I would have stayed at the same pace. While I really don’t care about pace right now, I would like to be in a place in a few years where I have to tools to be a little bit faster. So I’m going to try and run today without completely falling apart. I signed up for a 10K in about 4 weeks so I’m hoping all these aches and pains will be a bit less. Or I’ll just walk the whole damn thing.

And with that I’m off!



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