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A Little Early…but That’s Ok

Note this entire post is based on the last two days of behavior…so really tomorrow it’s going to be totally different because babies are the most inconsistant thing n the planet :).

So in my head Calvin goes to bed at 7 and wakes up at 5. Does that really happen? Um no…so why do I think every night will be the night that it does? If I feed him around 8 or 8:30 then he can make it to 5, but usually he is ready for his nighttime feeding at around 7 or 7:30 and from memory Lucy would be in bed by 7pm and sleep to 7am eventually, so we are trying to just get rolling with that schedule. We would like to have dinner at 6:30, then Rocky (Oh and do we call him Calvin or Rocky…clearly it’s fairly interchangeable…although if you ask Lucy it’s Rocky, no if ands or buts) gets a bath, then Lucy gets a bath while Rocky is eating and then Rocky goes to bed, and then book reading happens in their room and maybe he’s awake or falling asleep anyways. He then wakes up around 3, but we will try a pacifier to make sure it’s really a food wake up and usually it’s not.┬áBut then he is really ready to wake up around 4-4:15 and seriously the kid is kicking out of the miracle blanket or what we like to call the little baby straight jacket and so yeah he’s ready to go.

The last two days I’ve gotten up early with Cal (…or we call him Cal…kid has a lot of options for his name), obviously there is no other option here as Jason isn’t the food source, and fed him and then Jason has gotten up at 5. Yesterday I fell back asleep on the couch but today I’m feeling a bit more human. I don’t mind a 4am wakeup really, I hope that I feel the same way when I go back to work.

We have a new gym membership that we have already been using. Last night I went to the gym to do a hot yoga class. Note that I have gone to two yoga classes before in my life. They were at a Core Power Yoga studio and I loved them and I was all ready to join, and then found out I was pregnant. The class wasn’t as difficult as the Core Power class, but I think it will be as I get better and I’m able to do more of the poses. But really it’s like an hour of stretching and my super tight runner legs needed it. The instructor in the Monday night class has lost 160lbs! I think just from yoga? Anyways, he was really nice and I didn’t feel too stupid in my non ability to yoga. Jason went to the gym yesterday on the way to work and said it was great. I have an appointment with a trainer on Monday so we’ll see what tips she has. With the weather being so horribly hot I’m thinking about running on a treadmill today but I really really loathe running on a treadmill so I think I’ll stick with the outdoors. I’m planning on going when I get back from dropping The Lu off at school, right after I feed rocky so I don’t have to pump (I hate pumping). My Dad will be here and so he can watch The Rock (or we (ok fine I) call him The Rock…seriously poor kid isn’t going to know his name) while I do that.

So ok clearly, I’m out of writing practice as this post was a lot of rambling. But fun to be back working out AND writing on here, I went away for far too long. Of course let’s see if I can keep it up when I go back to work and that bit of crazy into my life. I really wanted to get a workout schedule in place before going back to work so it wasn’t like I was trying to add in both at once. Hopefully the workouts will be a normal part of our day in three weeks time. That’s the plan anyways.

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  • DAd

    Let’s see. . . writing, yoga, running, photography, 2 kids, new house, high energy physics, knitting, . . .you might need a hobby!

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