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Going to Over Do It?

It has been great getting back into a running routine. I used to say it takes about 2 weeks to get into a routine and I still think that holds. Although with two kids I think it will be more like 3 or 4 weeks. I know when I start things I tend to over do it. I want to run EVERY DAY. And I make plans and schedules and race plans and while I usually make those race goals (minus the 2010 Chicago Marathon which was a mistake to sign up for in the first place), but my training isn’t always as perfect as I’d like it to be. Of course no training plan can be unless you are a professional athlete and that is really all you do and even then I imagine that workouts get scrapped or moved or they don’t go very well or whatever.

So am I going to over do it? Possibly. However, I have more motivation that I probably ever had in my life to get back into shape. After I had Lucy I didn’t realize how hard it was going to be to breast feed and work out. But this time around I already know the deal there. It’s hard, things have to be scheduled around feeding or pumping, but in the end that is more of an annoyance than a problem. The key is to have a fairly set routine and stick to it.

I’m back up to 4 miles and have gotten in 5 runs in the last week or so. We went on a family vacation and on the morning that we left I ran 3 miles and then while we were out of town I made a 3.8 mile loop and the first day I made it 3 of those miles (there are hills in Michigan), then the next two times I ran it I finished the loop. Then this morning I went for a 4 mile run back in my Chicago neighborhood with my Dad. We went on the North Channel trail starting at Lawrence. It’s a really nice find for the city and nice to change it up from just neighborhood runs or lakefront runs. Although with this heat wave in Chicago (seriously high 90s for the whole week it looks like), I think we will have to move our runs to the lake because it’s about 10 degrees cooler over there (and we are just 2 miles away!). Dad and I are signing up for a 10K on August 11th which gives me some time to add the last 2.2 miles.

In addition to getting back on that running train, we joined the Lincoln Square Athletic Club that is just a few blocks from our house. I want to be stronger and do some more cross training activities even though in general I hate all other activities. We signed up to get some personal training sessions to get started and I requested someone that could help me get stronger while training for the marathon…oh and wrangling 2 kids around.

And that last sentence paired with the fact that I go back to work in 3 weeks (WHAT?!?!?!) is where my over doing it concern is coming in. Can we keep our workouts in a place in our lives where they aren’t interfering with our kids lives or our marriage. I don’t want to get back into things and then it’s all, “Hey kids, Mommy has to go do a situp. Hope you enjoy dinner with dad!” or vice versa for days Jason wants to work out. I think since I am acknowledging that that situation could very easily come to be, I can keep an eye on things so they don’t get out of hand. Right now Calvin is waking up right around 5 and while he won’t always do that, we are now in the rhythm where we are pretty awake at that time. We are just going to continue to get up at 5 and go to the gym either in the very early morning or after dinner when kids are sleeping, although that is not my favorite option as that takes time away from our alone time. Either way we are going to figure it out because we are both really really (this is me speaking for Jason) enjoying getting back into shape running wise anyways. Jason has wanted to join the gym for awhile now and as it’s right on the train line it should be a good deal for him to go a couple days in the morning on the way to work.

And with that The Calvin Kid’s coos and gaggles have turned to cries so I must go.

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  • DAd

    Great post and you’re asking good questions. Your plans will continue to mutate to accommodate your busy lives. I’ll help!

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