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The Napping House

Why…Hello there! Yes you, you that still somehow has a feed to my blog that I haven’t updated in oh much much too long. Especially considering last time I was here I was talking about being pregnant, and the new house that we were going to close on. We have lived in the house for about 2.5 months now…AND we have a little peanut who is going to be 6 weeks old on Monday.

Oh right…I never even announced if it was a boy or a girl or gone through a big long birth story. The baby is a boy who we named Calvin Rocco.

Calvin at 1 month

As Lucy’s nickname for the baby during my pregnancy was Rocky, we decided to keep the nickname in his name somehow. As far as a birth story goes…he’s here and we are both healthy and that’s about all there is to say about that. I will say that recovery from a second c-section is much much easier in the sense of you know what to expect (if you had one previously), however trying to recover while also chasing around a 2.5 year old made for a rough week about 3 weeks in. BUT he’s here and he’s awesome.

Right now everyone in the house is napping except for me and I totally probably should. Oh well…I’ll make sure to get a nap in tomorrow.

When you live in Chicago as we do, it’s important to really really use the city to your advantage in the summers because oh lord the winter is long and cold and gray and makes me want to crawl under the blankets. We have introduced Lucy to the beaches we have here and holy shit is she excited about them. We live about 15 minutes (in traffic) away from Foster or Montrose Beach and so the last two weekends we’ve zipped in the car and gone over there for a few hours. This is a great thing about living in Chicago.

“Lucy what do you want to do today?”

“I want to go to the beach”

“Ok, let’s get our stuff together and lets go.”

Lucy enjoys some time at the Beach in Chicago

Now granted….I would like to be a *little* bit more organized about beach time. We need a tent type thing since Cal just lays around and has been stuck in a stroller (ok fine he sleeps 90% of the time we are there…but still that will start to change) and I want to have things just ready to go. I want a big giant beach tote bag that we keep in the garage that we can just grab and go. We are getting a tent and a beach mat thing this week and I’m going to work on finding a giant tote bag (if anyone is still reading this and has any suggestions let me know). My ultimate plan is to go down to the beach earlier in the morning, meet my Dad and Stepmom down there and then somehow get a run in with Jason. We are trying out the plan on fathers day, we’ll see how it goes.

But if we lived in the suburbs that would never have happened. The trip to the beach would have to be at least somewhat planned because you aren’t leaving your house at 11, driving into the city, dealing with traffic. But living so close makes it pretty easy to do (parking is a hassle, which is why we want to start going earlier). Along with beach time, we hit up a street fair, took Lucy to the Millennium park fountains, hit the book fair and hence we are now the napping house.

I should get cleared to run next week. After Lucy I signed up for the marathon that was 10 months after she was born. I learned my lessons as running (for me) is not super easy after the baby. With breastfeeding/working full time it’s hard to get the runs in because you have to be pumped and not running when the baby is needed to eat (for your comfort too!) or when you are working (obviously), plus I can’t go for runs longer than 3 hours because he needs to eat (although in the last week he has really stretched out his feedings) and long runs for the marathon are well…long (yes I know that there aren’t that many of them…but still). My point is that trying to coordinate runs with those two things is a pain. Also since you burn calories while breastfeeding, you do have to eat enough to a) not dry up your milk supply and b) not get completely exhausted.

SO I’m not signed up for any long races right now. BUT I would like to run a race a month to keep me honest on the running front, and I would like to do the Indy Mini in May of next year and the Chicago marathon in October of next year. I’ll be done breastfeeding next summer and so I will have more freedom to run when I can and not around that schedule.

I’m looking forward to just getting back out there, even for itty bitty runs.

So there, that’s the update that should take me through another two months right? Ok maybe I’ll try and update a little bit more. I miss the online running community that I had built up all those many years ago. So yeah, run and write more….aren’t that always my goals?

2 comments to The Napping House

  • DAd

    wow! Great to be reading the blog again. Totally agree about living in Chicago. Love it. AND does everyone see what a great running coach I have in Leah! She ‘gets it’ and keeps me in the game.

  • Congrats! He’s gorgeous. I look forward to reading more from you. I always like hearing what’s up with you guys.

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