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Quite Amazing

Last week if we would have chatted I would have probably broken down in tears and told you there is no way I can have another baby with the two year old that had become a little crank monster. From pushing me away and saying, “go away mommy,” to just days full of tears and hysterics, I didn’t know how we were going to do it. Add in the fact that a move was happening in a few weeks and I was just about broken.

We determined that my ever expanding belly (seriously growing another giant baby in here) and the stuff starting to go into boxes was making her little brain a little nuts. So we slowed down a little bit. Cuddled with her a lot more and this week holy shit she’s done a 180. Now, she might have been a little sick or had a bit of an ear infection. We took her to the doctors on Friday and there was a little fluid in her ears but nothing to write home about. However, maybe it had already healed by the appointment. Who knows but either way this week has been giant gobs of fun.

Here are some highlights from our week:

  • Sharing a sandwich with Dad at a Potbellys
  • Walks home from school. We live a mile from her daycare and so that’s a long haul for a 2 year old. But she makes it all the way.
  • Finding balance beams all along the sidewalk
  • Ice cream *before* dinner
  • As the El goes overhead we stand underneath it and yell as loud as we can. Her favorite part of our walk home. She likes to make sure we all do the yelling. And why not! It’s fun.
  • Running, I mean just flat out running down the sidewalks in Chicago.
  • Holding hands while we quickly cross fairly busy streets.
  • Seeing her friends at the local playground and having her squeal in delight when she sees them.
  • Other friends seeing her while walking home and them squealing when they see her.
  • Having a face covered in chalk as we leave school. The chalk is slowly joined by lots of dirt. Then a mouth full of dirt and her request of, “I’d like some water please.” Oops..mom forgot her water bottle.
  • The walks home take over an hour and up to about 90 minutes. She collects rocks and other little treasures along the way. At one point she took the rock she was treasuring and had to touch it to every fence spoke along the way. If you’ve ever been on a Chicago sidewalk this is in front of every apartment. But what the hell am I rushing home for? I think she was listening to the sound it was making.
  • She got a new baby doll from Grandma and she likes to make sure the baby is covered up, and sleeping. I hope she will be as gentle with Rocky as she is with that baby….although she did have a frustrated moment and threw the baby on the floor. I think Rocky’s going to be a tough one though so he/she should be able to hand one little Lucille.

And because nothing is complete without some pictures. Here are some from our adventures:

In short, what a fun week on the parent front.

Next week gets super crazy so hopefully Lucy continues to hang in there and be a fun little trooper. Closing on the house on Thursdays and then the movers come a week later. Here we go!

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