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New Baby Update

Today we had our 20 week appointment. You know the big one where you get the good ultrasound pictures and find out that all is ok with all of the organs. It’s an exciting appointment because with how good the ultrasounds are you can get a view of what the baby looks like which I still find kind of creepy.

This baby behaved great for the tech just like Lucy did. Really calm in there so she could get all of the pictures that she wanted. We think this one looks more like Jason but it’s hard to tell with the 2D pictures we got. Last time we got some 3D ones, but no dice this time. It looks really cute and according to the stats it weighs 12oz or the size of a bag of chocolate chips. All of the sizes for everything fell right in the 50th percentile range. I’m pretty sure Lucy was always a few weeks bigger than the ultrasounds were saying so I wonder if this kid will be smaller than Lucy. I mean the head size was at 40% where Lucy was always at 100%. We didn’t find out the gender and since we made that decision we also found out that no one else (besides the tech) knows the gender so no chance of it getting leaked. I think it’s going to be really fun to email and tell people, “IT’S A ____!!!” when it gets here. Currently I think it’s a boy.

My stats were all good too. Weight gain is good and blood pressure is nice and low. Although since my first reading of this pregnancy was high and my blood pressure was going up and up with the last pregnancy as time went on we will have to get ultrasounds every 4 weeks with this baby (as we did with Lucy), which yes is exciting because you get to see the baby more but by the end it’s like, “Ok I get it. I don’t want to see it in me anymore.” Plus at the end it gets all squished and funny looking in there. I thought Lucy was going to come out looking like Darth Vadar without the helmet on. Seriously. It was disturbing.

This pregnancy is going so damn fast. I’m so busy with Lucy and work and general crazy business that sometimes I have to stop myself and be like, “Leah. You are having a baby in 4.5 months.” After the holidays we have a lot of general house organization to do. One of the big steps is we have to get lucy her own big girl bed. Which I find very exciting. She will look very cute all tiny in a twin bed. She’s pretty big in the crib now. We are doing a twin bed with this rail thing that I found on Amazon. That should happen in the middle of January I think. I want to slowly transition her room so it’s not like, “Hi Lucy here is your new sibling and by the way everything else that you understand is changing too.”

So here are two pictures from the u/s (seriously this is really happening) although I realize they aren’t the best quality. The first is a profile of it’s face and the second of it’s foot, which baby feet at any size and age are cute.

In general I’m feeling good. I’m not running because I just don’t have time for it. I know I know, it’s an excuse. But whereas I will give up sleep to run if I’m not pregnant I don’t think it’s the best idea to do that while I’m pregnant. I’m walking a ton though so that’s good. Plus chasing around a 2 year old can be pretty exhausting and quite the workout.

So yeah, that’s the update with JasonLeah Baby #2.

3 comments to New Baby Update

  • Sailor Sue

    What’s baby Rieger got growing on his head? Is that mounds of hair? So exciting that we’ll have another grandchild to get to know in just 4.5 months. I think he will be a boy too and his name will be Rocky!

  • DAd

    A boy would be nice. Especially if he can play left field because by the time baby Rieger is ready for the majors, Soriano’s contract will be up. . . maybe.

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