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Five Stories in Five Days: The Final Story

Christmas Eve is here! Happy yule tide logs, egg nogs, and green frogs to all!

What you used to think was true wasn’t really true, but now it is true. Sorry about that.

How do you explain to your daughter that you killed Santa Claus?

I obviously didn’t mean to. I didn’t even […]

Five Christmas Stories in Five Days: Story 4

It’s Christmas Eve Eve! Santa has pre-packed the sleigh to check and make sure everything fits and then unpacked it just to do it all again on the 24th. A meticulous man, that Santa.

Prelude to a Christmas Carol

“What do you want me to tell him again?”

“Tell him how terrible […]

Five Christmas Stories in Five Days: Story 3

Three more days until Christmas! Here’s another story to get you in the holiday spirit.


A Very Ursine Christmas

What I didn’t know, until just today that is, is that bears celebrate Christmas. Brown bears, grizzly bears; they all celebrate the birth of Jesus – although, oddly enough, not polar bears. Maybe […]

Five Christmas Stories in Five Days: Story 2

The fun continues with another original Christmas story. Deck the halls, everybody!

There’s Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself. And Santa. You Should Fear Santa.


Little Billy Watson of 1113 Honey Oak Drive bolted upright in bed. He’d been sound asleep in his […]

Five Christmas Stories in Five Days: Story 1

For the last few months, I’ve been writing about a short story – maybe one and a half – each month. I’ll write during my commute to and from work whenever I can manage to get a seat and then, after I finish, re-read and revise until it seems done. But I thought I’d try […]

Another Calm Baby?

When I was pregnant with Lucy around 20 weeks people would say, “Oh you must be feeling the baby?!?!” And I would smile worridly and say…well not yet. The whole pregnancy was me not feeling Lucy move, me sitting on the couch calmly drinking an ice cold blackberry izze and waiting for her to do […]

New Baby Update

Today we had our 20 week appointment. You know the big one where you get the good ultrasound pictures and find out that all is ok with all of the organs. It’s an exciting appointment because with how good the ultrasounds are you can get a view of what the baby looks like which I […]

Lucy is Two

Really? When did that happen? I mean it was just like a few minutes ago that she looked like this:


I read on the internet recently that the days go slow but the years go fast and holy crap is that true. Where did the last two years go? I mean […]

Why So Quiet? Some BIG News!

Nothing like titling a blog with a question and an exclamation point. Makes it all the more exciting! Oh look at there there is another exclamation point! And another! How about I get to the point? Ok fine.

So yeah, it’s been a little quiet here on the JasonLeahRun front. But that doesn’t mean our […]