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A Halloween Story

This being Halloween and all, I thought I’d share a story I wrote that fits the theme. And no, not the adult theme of Halloween (drunk, slutty), but rather the true meaning of Halloween: SUPER SCARY.

So prepare to be chilled to your very bones as I present a tale of true terror. Boo!*

(* […]

Running in the Rain

There is nothing quite like running in the rain in my opinion. If the temperature isn’t too low, and the wind is low it’s probably one of the most enjoyable running sessions for me. That wasn’t quite what the weather was last night, but I’m on a mission to run 3 times a week. Our […]

Welcome back, TV

Watching The New Girl. Not too bad. The most surprising thing about this show: the fact that I don’t hate the three guys she lives with. Although I’m not sure why they switched out the black guy from the pilot. I liked him just fine.

Ah well. Life moves one.

Best new show so far […]