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When I Don’t Like Technology

Now for those of you that know me know how much I love techy, and gadgety things. I mean seriously we should probably have a gadget fund next to our travel fund next to our house fund. We like to play video games and watch movies like the rest of the folks on the planet. […]

Teething and Tantrums

How many of you watch Modern Family? Well I know I should watch it more than I do because every time we catch an episode I laugh so hard that I just about pee my pants. Seriously last time I watched an episode I was laughing so hard my stomach muscles ached.

Anyways there was […]

Motivation? Where Did You Go?

Seriously, it doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that I was pumped to run and was running 8:whatever minute miles.

I know, I know I just said on the last post that I’m just happy to be running at all. That’s a Lie.

I want to run far again and I just can’t […]

Been Awhile….To Say the Least

Looking back, it looks like my last post with some actual content was just about two months ago. I have to say that’s pretty lame and as such I can already tell my writing is going to suffer here. Because you know what, practice makes perfect (or at least better) and so when there is […]