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Easy To Jump Back In

Jason and I have both been surprised how easy it has been to jump back into respectable distances in running. Granted it has taken awhile to even get the desire to run again, but now that that is back, the distance isn’t much of a problem. I think it’s because we are starting slow, not […]

New Photography Project

I know you are thinking, “Leah, really? Another photo project? But you have failed at all your other projects. Do I even need to remind you about the two (TWO!) failed attempts at 365?”

Ok. Fine. I start lots of projects and they somehow get lost among the 8,001 other things I have going on. […]

RunKeeper Pro Review

We all know how much I like gadgets. Well, maybe if you are new around here you don’t. If that’s the case, WELCOME! No, just the same 10 people? Well, Welcome to you anyways. A little wacky this morning? Perhaps I am!

Yesterday as I as driving home I thought about the horrible run that […]

Really Chicago Weather?

Seriously. It’s crappy here. I like to pretend that March doesn’t exist. Because really, there is no point to the month at all. I mean christ, it’s cloudy, gray…but not even really gray, just basic lacking in color. I am going to run tonight. Don’t know if I’ll go before getting Lucy or waiting for […]

Super Fun Baby + Another Week of Running

Do you realize how fun a 15 month old is. Lucy laughs all the time for seemingly no reason. She thinks the weirdest things are *hilarious*. She is so much fun to watch and play with these days. She’s into *everything*, blabs all the time (every once in awhile we realize she says something real). […]

Then and Now

I know Lucy has changed in the last year. That’s obvious. But I was just looking back at old pictures, and it’s amazing how different she is!

March 20, 2010

March 20, 2011

Growing Like a Weed + Actual Running

Lucy is now 15 months old. When the hell did that happen? We had her well baby visit yesterday and she’s good on all fronts. 32″ tall (95th percentile) 22lb 11oz (50th percentile…happy to see her put on some weight) and 75% in head (she must have gotten some of Jason and some of me […]

A New Running Life

Look over there on the right and you’ll see that its’ not 0 for the week or the month. YAY. Small. Small. Teeny. Tiny. Steps.

I used to be able to run 3 laps around the ring at Fermilab. Sometimes I would do that run at like 2 in the morning. Ok, so what. So […]