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Winter in Chicago

Ok, so it’s gray here.

And cold.

And gray.

And rainy.


Yes. All those things are true about Chicago in the winter. Especially this time of winter. I don’t actually mind the cold and the gray up until say the Superbowl, because I’m sorry it should be cold during […]

Josh Ritter and Other Things

Awhile ago Rainn Wilson (everyone’s favorite office mate) tweeted (yes I follow famous people on Twitter…then I can feel like they are my friends….no I’m not a loser), that everyone should be listening to Josh Ritter. Or something to that effect. I was in need of some new music and thus my love for Mr. […]

Living in a Physics World

While here at CERN my life is pretty much physics, not sleeping then some more physics, coffee, physics, coffee, physics….no sleep…oh wait? Is there a pattern? Maybe. I would like to blame my sleeping problems on the numerous coffee breaks the EDIT school has, but I drink a lot of coffee at home and I […]

Lucy conquers SnoMaggedon 2011

After the massive Thunder Snow, it was time to bundle up Lu and let her experience her first really real snow. There’s not too much to be said that hasn’t been said, you know, *everywhere* on the internet, so we’ll just go with pictures:

All bundled up to face the drifts

Look! Snow!