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CERN…Wait What Time Is IT?

So here I am at CERN and I’ve immediately gone back to what I like to call Leah: The Undergraduate Years. Well..ok maybe like 80% that Leah…you know just the good parts. The parts where I was a NERD. You know rewriting all my notes from the day (yes. I do that), and working for […]

Single Fathering it: Day 1

Leah’s plane officially touched down in Geneva this morning at 12:38 am Chicago time (7:38 Swittzy time) and so, as of today, I’m on my own with the Lu-Dog.

Much like Kevin McCallister, I figured that now that I was home alone, I had to assume the roll of Man of the House. And, just […]

Finding My Way Back to Normal

Wow. That was a rough two weeks for me. Maybe I’m getting old (I am) or smarter (that too!) but I just can’t do the 4 hours of sleep a night. Maybe once, but when I do it I am just a little bit more than a puddle the next day. I can’t do it.


10:00, 10:30, 11:15, 1:30….wait for it…2!

Those are the times I’ve been waking up during the night. Some of that is baby crying and so one of us just goes and just reminds her that we are still there and she goes right back to sleep. Actually, I don’t think she’s even really awake, but she likes the visit from one […]


Not, not that! Lu!

Yes, just when you thought little Lu couldn’t get any cuter, she started hugging!

Don't even THINK about picking me up

You might remember some talk in the past about how Lu was as cuddly as an arthropod. As soon as she learned she could move, the last place […]

We offer up this selection of random music to the gods of rock

Recently at work, I’ve been mixing up my podcast listening (Steve Dahl show) and same-ol’-shit iPod listening (Decemberists, Weezer, Johnny Socko) with this crazy new thing, Pandora. Hey, guys, have you heard of this wild new mixed-up craziness called Pandora! It’s totally new and crazy!

Why yes, this is 2005. Why do you ask?

So […]

My daughter’s a what now?

Ophiuchus? What the hell is an Ophiuchus?

Leave it to the stupid tilty earth to throw a monkey wrench (Monkey! Wrench!) into my child rearing. Damn you tilted axis, you’ve screwed me for the last time! First seasons, and now this! Everything I know about my daughter was predicated on the knowledge that I was […]


Well the good news is it’s not strep for me. The bad news is that I still have a very swollen throat and this irritating cough and BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Also I’m on this 4am-noon shifts and last week I was all, “I KNOW I’LL JUST RUN AROUND THE RING WHEN THEY ARE OVER!!!” Instead […]

Ahhhh!!! Pink Eye

Having only been a parent for a short while, it’s hard to say what the words you least want to hear about your daughter might be (stripper poll?), but at just over one year, “pink eye” ranks up there.

Maybe it’s just due to the influence of Knocked Up, but pink eye will forever resonate […]

Winter Running

Running in the winter really isn’t that bad…*once* you get started. Getting out the door when it’s 20-whatever out is difficult. Although at least we have gotten lucky these last few weeks with relatively sunny weather.

So we get ourselves all bundled up. Tights, long sleeve shirt, warmer long sleeve shirt, jacket, smart wool socks, […]