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Merry Merry

I love Christmas morning. *Love*. *It*. Seriously in the past I have set an alarm for early-am and jumped on the bed to make Jason get up. When I was a kid I would whisper out of my bedroom door, “DAD? MOM?” They would come back with a “stay in your room” while they finished […]

The 1yr Old String Bean

Well. Lucy turned a year old last week. I know I know..where was the post with all the sigh and oohs and “remember when she was so little”s. Work happened and family visiting happened and so said post didn’t happen. She still turned one though. And we had a great time with her parties. Yes. […]

Pull Here. Pull There. Where Am I?

It’s really fucking tough having two professional people in a household and a baby. Not tough. Almost impossible. I mean I suppose that is the definition of tough…but I just want to make sure we are all understanding what level of tough I’m talking about.

Just an example. When Lucy gets sick she gets a […]

Ron Santo

In my family when someone tells a tale that might be a bit of an exagerration we say, “Oh come on now, don’t go and pull a Lester.” Lester is my grandpa and oh boy could he tell some. I mean really gramps you were 5’5″ when you graduated high school? I don’t think so […]