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The End of an Era

Well. Lucy is weened. 100% done.

Holy crap.

Do you know that she will be a year old next week. I found out I was pregnant at the end of March last year, so really for the past 20 months or so I have in some way been physically connected to her. Lucy has always […]

Lucy and the pants she fills

Does it ever seem to you that all you ever talk about anymore is poop? Yeah, it does to me too.

Seriously, 97% of our household discussions revolve around poo. How was her poo today? Was it too soft? Like, diarrhea soft or just loose? Loose poop? Fully loose or quasi-loose? And how come she […]

Community Discussion

Train of thought from your very own Leah and Jason while watching an episode of Community.

Leah doesn’t think that Jeff should be wearing a black wife beater. It takes away from his cuteness

Fat towards her elbows

Abed would do well as a physicist.

I want to jump on a tramp. yes. I just […]

Cavity #1? Clear. Cavity #2? Clear. Whew

So after the vomixposition that was Tuesday night (Jesus, is today really only Thursday? That seems like Tuesday was forever ag0), we were all excited to see if we’d get a follow up performance yesterday. Also keeping us on pins and needles: when talking with the doctor Tuesday night, she indicated that the vomit might […]

That Was Not a Fun Night

For those of you that followed my twitter/facebook deluge of posting last night know that Lucy was up vomiting most of the night. This kid has *never* been sick and so I’m a little out of sorts. I went into her room to check on her as she was making some noises which usually just […]

We Are Still Alive!

Yes! We are!

But holy crap. A baby? Did you guys know how much time and energy these things take. In my head this is how my day goes:

4am: Wake up full of spunk and energy and ready to tackle the day 4:30: After having a cup of coffee (that of course was perfectly […]