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Well. Hello there.

Yes. I’m still here. I always want to write every day and then all of a sudden all of the hours are gone and I’m like, Big Sigh. Blog will have to wait yet another day.

But here I am at 5:30 on a Tuesday morning and have a free couple of minutes and so […]

Fetch Lu Lu, fetch. Good girl

For all those people out there with dogs, let me just say: suckers! Ha, you wanted something to do tricks for you and walk around your house on four legs and so you got a puppy. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but now you’re finding that it’s real responsibility. Up first thing […]


I’m sitting here at my computer doing some physics work for a meeting tomorrow and developing pictures from the Fermilab photo walk I went on a few weeks ago.

There is a street fair happening right outside my window.

I’m listening to a great cover band playing at said street fair.

I’m drinking a cold […]


As much as I would like this to be a nice lost post with pictures and stories and laughs and the Remember Whens…I just don’t have the time. So it will be short and sweet and thus making it even sweeter.Or lame. Whatever.

6 years ago today Jason and I got married. In fact 6 […]

Ass barf…and more!

No, I’m absolutely thrilled for Lu that she’s growing up and trying new things. Really, I couldn’t be happier. The crawling and the laughing and the Matrix-style wave (“I know Kung Fu”) are all just delightful and she’s always so excited and happy.

I mean, it’s all great. Except the solid food…I’m not 100% sure […]

Working Remotely, Knitting and Other Stuff

So Fermilab is cool right? It’s also about an hour away from my apartment. And so part of the deal of this new jobs is I get to work at Northwestern some days a week which is a very nice commute for me. No more shoving myself onto the el like a sardine! Yay! Win!



A couple weeks ago, our very own LeahC decide to revive the Seminary-Sheridan Super Club, a club where Leah, the Chicago Grandparents and I try out new and interesting restaurants in Chicago. Last week we visited the original Connie’s Pizza down on Archer (at least, I think it’s the original), this week it was Southport […]