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What. A. Great. One.

Well. That was just about the best weekend *ever*.

Now you all know that I love my weekends. They are a time to play with my husband, my baby girl, my city, my running shoes. You name it and I probably do it on the weekend. This weekend was no different.

Saturday was fun. Lucy […]

Quick Update

in 10 minutes!

So my awesome 5am-11pm plan didn’t work out so well. Shocking right? Turns out I’m not 21 anymore. Damn.

In fact I think the not enough sleeping got me pretty sick as I was out for the count on Tuesday this week. But then feeling a lot better yesterday. I don’t know. […]

Mother’s Day!

What a wonderful weekend! Saturday was pretty relaxed…or must have been because I can’t really remember what we did. I think we went running….but yeah don’t really remember. So let’s just talk about Sunday. Quickly because it’s almost time for working time.

Sunday I woke up at 5 and tried something new. Instead of waiting […]

Olympus Pen

So this awesome commercial came out awhile ago for the new Olympus Pen commercial…wait I can find it and link it for you…hold one second.

Yeah here it is: http://www.olympus.eu/penstory/

That video was all a twitter a few weeks ago, and I sent it on to my Dad and we chatted a little bit about […]

Pretty Sure I’m an Idiot

So. I develop my pictures on a MacBook Pro that’s going on about 3 years old. And sometimes I would get the beach ball of death. WHY IS THIS SO SLOW!?!?!? I have 4GB of ram, the computer is not that old. What the hell.

In the meantime that computer had died. Although we hope […]