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Perfect Work Day?

For the most part we all work 9-5 (ish). But if you had your choice what would your pefect day be? Also what would your work space consist of? I am way more of an early morning person (thanks mom and dad!) than an afternoon person. I just am more focused for some reason. Maybe […]

Awake…But jspec Hates Me

Hey hey hey 5am. You are so pretty!

I really like getting up early.

I don’t like when I can’t get anything done.

Jason and I tried to play ProjectEuler in javascript this morning. This is by far the weakest of the three languages that we are working with for both of us. This is […]

Weekend Roundup

So here we go. Starting and ending weeks with roundup posts? Sounds good to me.

This past weekend was a little more calm that the usual JasonLeahLucy does 8 billion things. Which was a nice change of pace. I had been hearing about how horrible the weather was going to be all weekend so I […]

So far so good

We’re a bit over 4.5 months of life for little Lucy, and so far things are pretty impressive. Right now (as in, right this minute), she’s:

giving her mother the raspberry sitting upright on her own wearing socks on her hands

All those represent some pretty impressive developmental changes in the last month. Well, not […]

Weekly Roundup

So what’s all this talk about software and knitting and baby Lucy and whatever else? Isn’t this a running blog?

Wait…what is this blog?

I started this blog back in grad school when Jason and I had desks in the basement of the D-Zero detector building, right next to the machine. Seriously. We had nothing, […]

Developer + Designer = A Better Team

All day at work, I hear about bugs coming from our QA department that are on the level of, “This header needs to move a little bit this way” “or that way” or whatever. Then I hear developers go, “OK just going to add is some CSS here” “or there” or wherever. I of course […]

The Schedule I’d Like to Keep

So. I’m a busy person. I have a ton of hobbys, obviously a new mom and then of course the 9-5 job. SO since I’ve come back to work I’ve been trying to fit in all the following things:

photography knitting work practice for work parenting running reading blogging

That’s eight things that really could […]

Nursing & Pumping the Low Down

So here we are at Lucy’s 4 month and 12 day birthday. Wait. What? When did that happen?

Lucy is still getting only the boob milk and I thought there might be some interest out there on how the nursing is going (short story: awesome) as well as the pumping (short story: pain in the […]

Busy Awesome Weekend. Plus Pictures!

Wow. What an incredible weekend. On Friday afternoon my Dad and Sue brought Lucy downtown and met Jason and I for lunch. Which was awesome. Lucy liked the park and the big fountains. And we liked seeing her in the middle of the day.

The three of us. On a wonderful Friday afternoon.


Grids, Socks and Cleaning!

So today is Friday, by far my favorite day of the week. At work there is talk of some redesign for our site. Where this time we will for real follow a grid system. I hopefully will really be able to work on this and then I can get my, “NO.” on when people are […]