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Try a New Street

Yesterday when we were walking back from the grocery store, we decided to take a slight detour from our usual walk home. When I had gone for a walk a few months ago I thought I had seen a wine shop along Halstead. Sure enough I was right and on the corner of Buckingham and […]

From 2 to 26.2 Volume 4

This was my first week back to work and so it made the runs a little bit more challenging because I was already tired when I got home from work and the baby goes to bed pretty early and so running would take away more time with her. But it worked out great in the […]


This morning we put little Miss Lucy Lu on her stomach which she doesn’t hate, but doesn’t love either. Usually she deals with it for a few minutes before barking at us letting us know she’s done with that business. This morning however, she kept her big noggin’ held up for a long time, and […]

Actually…It’s a Breeze

So I’ve been panicked for awhile now about going back to work after a long time off. What would it be like to not be around the Lucy all the time? Would I remember anything about work stuff? How the hell does pumping work? Would Lucy behave for her grandpa? Running? Knitting? Photos? When does […]

From 2 to 26.2 Volume 3

This has been a great week of training. Personally I was able to get all of the miles in and Dad almost did except on Wednesday he mistook the my stepmom’s allergy pill bottle for the ibruprofin bottle and so just about fell asleep on the lakefront path during his run. I was a little […]

From 2 to 26.2 Volume 2

This week saw me missing my Monday run. After a trip to Florida and just not feeling it I bypassed both last Sunday’s run as well as Monday’s short recovery run. However the other three runs were spot on.

However, Dad is still getting a bit of pain from his shin, ankle, numbness thing which […]