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Less Than Two Weeks

On Monday March 8th I return to work. Exactly 3 months to the day that Lucy was born. I’m so so so happy that I took that much time off. I literally don’t know how women go back to work at 6 weeks. Not that I didn’t have the energy to do it as I […]


It’s very clear that I haven’t been alone for a very long time (going on ten years now, I suppose), because I simply just don’t know what to do with myself when I’m alone anymore. Seriously. I know I can do lots of fun and exciting things but then I’m like, eh, let’s just watch […]

Will I Ever Learn?

If you could make a clip show of my entire life, but just of me falling down and banging into things it would probably be hours long. My childhood was covered in bruises, scrapes, jammed toes, a broken arm, a broken tooth, etc etc. My parents tell me that I always had two speeds, full […]

Get to be the Mom

Before Lucy came I was never that comfortable around little babies. I mean my friends had babies and I would hold them and they would cry and I would instantly hand them back to their parents to deal with. I never did any babysitting and I’m an only child so my experience with kids was […]

2 Months!

Little Miss Lucille turned 2 months today. In an effort to keep improving my photography skills I decided to have a photoshoot with her. I dressed her in all white and then put a white sheet down on the couch and had at it. Unfortunately she wasn’t thrilled about turning 2 months old and so […]

From 2 to 26.2 Volume 1

On October 10th my Dad and I are going to run the Chicago Marathon.

Today we ran 2 miles.

We obviously have a ways to go.

One of the things that I have learned from years of marathon training is patience. If you do things right and build up slow you can bypass a lot […]

Step by Step

and not the TV show from the 80s.

Yesterday I was chatting with my Dad over the ole’ google chat and he said he was going to go out for a run and then come over and visit. I told him he could just come here and then we could run together since we are […]

Go back to sleep!

Somewhere in that giant, Peanuts-character-like head of hers, Li’l Lu has gotten the idea that she needs to wake up at 3am.

It’s probably our fault. We decide it was time to monkey around with the sleep situation and start transitioning her from little baby swaddle to big girl sleep-with-a-normal-blanket. Her little legs just wanted […]

And So We Are Signed Up

Yesterday my Dad came over and started doing something on his computer and then said, “What size shirt do you think I need?” I responded with, “Wait, are you seriously signing up for the marathon?” He was and so then I did and so we are all set. We have a long way to go […]

10-10-10? or 10-10-10!

Registration is open for the Chicago Marathon and I think we should exclamation point that one. The plan right now is that Dad and I sign up for said marathon and run it together. My Dad turns 60 (!) this year and so he wants to run the marathon this year. If I […]