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We Put Our Coats On

Well I think that picture says it all. We live here, we all hate February, but in the end we put our coats on and deal with it.

There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that compares to that first warm day. It’s usually followed by a snow storm or sub zero temperatures but […]

Oh Chicago How I Hate Your Winterness

Every year. Every single year at this time Jason and I start the, “Why do we live here? You know how nice it is in California? What if we got jobs there? Maybe we should look for some.”


Just Go Do It, Trip to Bernies…and Pictures :)

So I just deleted this whole post I had written yesterday that was all about how are Jason and I going to run together and I had all these options, we could take the baby to my Dad’s, we could run separately, both of which were kind of complicated. Then we realized that we could […]

Look at the Change!!!

I know she’s changing and growing, but it’s not until looking at pictures that it’s so visible! 

2 Days Old 1 Month Old Amazing! That last picture was taken during her favorite time of the day, bath time. We got her a new tub because it was getting difficult to hold her in the […]

When to Wake (and Pictures!)

So Little Miss Lucille has two speeds. On and Off. Shockingly just like her mother. That and as soon as you put her in her car seat and or Pikkolo carrier she’s out like a light. When my Dad and I used to take our summer Dad Daughter road trip vacations I would be all […]

One Month

Holy hell does time fly. Little Miss Lucille is one month old today. She’s still doing great most of the time. About 20% of the time she’s gotten really good at getting her crank on. She sleeps from about 9-4 so we can’t complain about that. At 4 so goes back down until about 6:30 […]

Getting Out of the House! A Must!

Yesterday little Miss Lucille Jean was quite the crank. She woke up at about 4am and while I was changing her I noticed that she was shivering, then I noticed the glass of ice water I had been drinking at 12:30 still had ice in the glass…..then I looked at the thermastat and realized that […]