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2009 and the 00’s in Review

Well here we sit at the end of the year. I was looking back at the posts from the beginning of the year looking for that “Here’s what I’m going to do this year post”.

So let’s see. I said I was going to learn photoshop. Done and Done. I find the program very useful […]

And So We Start

Jason just left for work after being off for about 3 weeks. He’s back to work full time although this week he gets Friday off for New Years Day so at least he’s going back to a short week. I have mentioned how much I hate that we don’t work together any more and so […]

First Time Parent Syndrome, Christas Eve, Jason Back to Work and Pictures!

So ok. Lucy had some congestion. I mean the child was racked with pain with said stuffy nose. How am I supposed to know that IT’S JUST A STUFFY NOSE. Sigh.

Yesterday Jason and I were convinced that the stuffy nose was something more than a stuffy nose. We realized we had a shitty thermometer […]

Strange, Wonderful, Perfect and then Overtired

Being a new parent of course is very strange but it’s helping that Little Lu is apparently the perfect child. She doesn’t really cry, she eats, sleeps, looks around a little bit and then goes back to sleep. I know she’s looking at Jason and I and thinking, “Oh great, I got a bunch of […]

It’s Baby Lucy!

So Leah’s already recounted her epic experience from the perspective of the lady in the hospital gown, but I thought I’d chime in on the view from the sidelines.

Heading in to the hospital to get started with the induction was a pretty simple process. The admission process was easy and the early induction steps […]

She’s Here! And She’s Spectacular!

As I get back to feeling to my normal self…still quite a ways off but each day gets better I can’t believe that the little thing sitting next to me used to be inside of me. So here we go with how she got from in there to out here.  Get some coffee as it’s […]

Little baby cuteness

Little baby cuteness, originally uploaded by LeahC.

We’re going to the hospital and we’re not leaving until they give us a baby

Alright, about an hour until we head to the hospital for what ended up being a very planned birth. At 10:30 we will check in to Prentice Day Spa and Baby Center. Sometime tonight they’ll start pushing the pitocin and then sometime in the next 24 hours a baby will pop out.




Like Marathon Training?

So today is the big day and I was a little bit (ok a lot bit) anxious last night. It was almost the same feeling I have as before a big race. So it got me questioning how similar this pregnancy was to a summer filled with marathon training.

I always thought that the two […]

Less than 36 hours

Well these posts aren’t too exciting as Lucy can’t seem to get her head in the game and figure out how to come here all on her own. I am being induced tomorrow night at 10:30pm unless something happens between now and then that makes the baby come out. I am doubting that and so […]