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What to Talk About?

Well how annoying has this blog gotten? I’ll give you one guess to guess what I might mention in this post.

Guess yet?

How about now?

Well if you said, “Leah’s going to talk about how she’s still pregnant” then you would be correct! DING DING DING!!!!!

I know, this blog used to be filled […]

Lucy Room Pictures

We finished Lucy’s room about a week ago and I realized I had yet to put pictures of it up here. My tripod broke and so not as clear as my photos of her room usually are, but you’ll get the idea.

These are a few of her crib area. The print above her bed […]

The Stuffing Didn’t Do It

We had a wonderful thanksgiving yesterday at my Aunt’s house. There is a story that my cousin’s wife’s sister (got all that) went to thanksgiving there two years ago and then at about midnight went into labor. AND she had gone to the doctor a few days before and they told her that she wasn’t […]

Run Her Out?

Jason and I just went for a nice little walk in some cold weather. Feels like winter is almost upon us, which is perfect timing since we got our firewood supply delivered yesterday.

So on this walk it was a little chilly and I was like hey, I’m wearing running pants and running shoes let’s […]

Hates Lateness

I put in an order for firewood on Monday and the original plan was they were going to deliver it yesterday between 2 and 4pm. 3:55 rolled around and so I gave the place a call just saying I was checking in and seeing if they were going to still show up. They said that […]

Feeling Good, End Date and Belly Pictures!

So I’m feeling pretty good these days, I mean not good in the sense that I feel the baby is going to come out. But rather that I feel exactly perfect like the baby isn’t moving anywhere uncomfortable.

Doctors appointment today went really well. Had an ultrasound and everything looked great, another NST and although […]

We Are All Ready

Well….with all the stuff. With the being parents part maybe not so much.

Jason and I had just about the best weekend. We had planned on spending all of Saturday walking around the city and enjoying that. But turns out when you don’t sleep enough and are 39 weeks pregnant that’s not so easy to […]

Under the Bench We Sat On

Under the Bench We Sat On, originally uploaded by LeahC.

Needs a New Knitting Project

Yesterday I finished the last of three projects that I had started over the summer. Yes. That’s right, over the summer. They shouldn’t have taken me so long but I would get into a bad state on all of them and not want to fix any of them and so I would just put them […]

Bright Lights

Bright Lights, originally uploaded by LeahC.