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Before the street cleaning

Before the street cleaning, originally uploaded by LeahC.

Fall in the City

Fall in the City, originally uploaded by LeahC.

Work and Pregnant Life Balance

I’m tired people.

My belly knocks people over on the el train.

I’m so out of breath in the mornings (I don’t know why it’s worse in the mornings) that Jason ends up walking my backpack the 3/4 of a mile to work and then turns around and goes back to his company, even though […]

4 Weeks From Today….Maybe

Well little Lucy, unless you turn that big ass head around we will be meeting you in 4 weeks from today. Yes, yes…your mother likes schedules and plans and loves when things come early and so loves the idea of know the exact time you’ll be greeting us. Although…still she’s a wary of the abdominal […]


Another great weekend for us here at JasonLeahRun. Saturday my Mom was in town from Florida to host a baby shower for me. We had tons of fun and Baby Lucy has a ton more cute clothes. Now that the showers are over we are going to make an inventory of things we gotta get […]

Baby’s Room Part II

Last weekend we spent a lot of time in the west suburbs buying baby furniture and crib mattresses as we had use of my cousins hatchback car for the day. After doing all of that we spent the day building the crib and changing table, putting in new lighting in the room and also putting […]

Best Sleep Ever

Seriously, I would like to know what 33 week pregnant woman is sleeping as much or as hard as I am at night. I go to bed at like 9:30 and read for about 30 minutes, and then I’m out like a light until the alarm goes off at 6am. Which I then snooze for […]

Are You a Gymnast Already?

Hey there Little Lucy.

How you doing in there? Remember 4 weeks ago when we got some pictures of you and you were all nicely head down? That was a fun time wasn’t it? But no, you apparently don’t agree and have decided that you are much more comfortable with your head up and your […]

A Baby Room Makeover

So yeah, I wanted to paint the baby’s room green. So we got some paint card things, and compared the colors to the sheets and art prints we have in the room to find a match. We picked one that didn’t seem too bright, but wasn’t pale either so you could tell that there was […]

Where’s the Time Going?

So yeah, tomorrow we hit the 32 week mark. On Monday we hit the 2 months to go mark. What the what? When did that happen?

In the last week my good friend who has been about 9 weeks ahead of me in pregnancy gave birth to a boy named Ethan. We went to visit […]