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Hold the Phones…It’s Not Just Me & You?

Ok. So right. This is an obvious one.

In about 3 months Lucille Jean R. will be here. In our lives. Consuming them. And we’ll be consuming her with love and kisses and pictures and excitement.

Now here is where I get to sound like the worst soon-to-be-mother ever. What happens to You and I? […]

Quick Week

Wait it’s Friday already.

And Hold. The. Phones. Today is August 28th. Ok so then. September 28th = 1, October 28th = 2 & November 28th = 3. Shit. That means 3 months from right now Lucy could be here. Knowing my luck she’ll being enjoying herself too much not joining us and so I’ll […]

Good. Long. Weekend.

Jason and I took off early Friday morning for a long weekend trip to Manistee, MI where we hung out with our good friends Jake and LaurA!

Jake’s Dad is a sculptor (you can see his work here at http://lesliescruggs.com) and does really amazing things. Outside their cottage they have a deck, called the Artdeck […]


So according to that little widget over there ——————>

There are 100 days left until Baby Lu comes to greet us. Give or take a few days.


That’s … well…that’s close. When we got the positive pregnancy test back in March we were in a bit of shock to say the least and it […]

Rainbows, Bellyaches and Kicks…Oh My!

I have become enamored with my new iPhone photo apps. They are obviously no replacement for my real pictures (not even close) but I have become much more inspired to get moving with my real photos on a more consistent basis. I use the regular camera on the iPhone and then I use two programs […]

How Did That Happen?

So I’ve kept up running throughout this pregnancy but you have probably noticed my posting about said running has gone down. That’s because most of the running has really been “running”. My usual course of action is to walk to the lakefront path and then run two miles and walk home. But the running part […]

3 Apps Worth Checking out

BlogPress – For blogging on the go! Works great for blogger and has other platforms available as well. $2.99

CameraBag – Update your photos to have cool effects on them. Several different effects including the sharp black and white in the previous post. $1.99 (This might be limited as where I saw it listed it […]


Is a cool ass photoapp. Take a picture or use any picture on you camera and apply cool effects to them.

Blogpress also works really well

— Post From My iPhone

Us after 5 years

Testing the iPhone app called blogpress.

— Post From My iPhone

Write More to Write Better.

An e-mail got sent out at work today with some tips on how to be a better writer without having to work at it. While there was some good tips in it, I didn’t like the topic of becoming a better writer without working at it. It’s impossible to do that. The only way to […]