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I Especially Like This

Because last Christmas at the end of Christmas morning we had in our possesion A star wars popup book Lots of Legos Sock Puppet Making Kit Several video games


No thanks I’ll just be tired.

GRRRRRRRRR. Wow what a bad nights sleep last night

Working late and early this week and I am of course only drinking one to two cups of coffee. And even if I was able to drink more coffee this tired is not even breakable with coffee.

I’m so stressed […]

Running and Weekend Update

Well this is still by definition a running blog. And so perhaps one of us should talk about running instead of baby things.

Jason is running the Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon on Sunday. We both signed up for this race back in April when we were trying to get pregnant but didn’t want to […]

First Half of the Last Half

You know…that part. You’ve crossed the half marathon point and you are all, “Whoah I’m halfway done!” Then you run another block and you go, “Holy hell, I’m only 1/2 way done.” Then you put your head down for the next 6 miles or so and look out for that 20 mile marker where you […]

Hey Little Lucy

How’s it hanging in mom’s uterus? Good? Comfy? I know you don’t like sour filled twizzlers or when I sleep on my back so I’m trying my best to stop the sleeping on the back thing. Wow do you know how to cause some pain little girl. I know it’s not you…but rather you sitting […]

It’s an X, so a gal is next

Hey Lucy* –

Your mother just called me over to the fridge to look at your first baby picture. Do you remember? You were 8 weeks old and not quite two centimeters tall (long? wide?) and now you’re so big you make your mother’s ligaments stretch and force her to make the occasional old lady […]

Today is the Day

Well, littlest one…in about 2 hours we’ll know if you are a boy or a girl and if you are a healthy one of those. Last night you suddenly got a lot more real, because I said to your dad, wow tomorrow we’ll have a son or a daughter…..which sounds like it takes a lot […]

2 Weeks later…

means that I’m at the 20 week mark. oooooh baby! 1/2 way there. I’m feeling the best I have felt yet in this pregnancy and finally starting to enjoy it a bit. The baby is wiggling around in there and so that’s been fun. Jason can even feel it if he touches my stomach. He’ll […]