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Well…that was Busy!

With a capital ‘B’.

This weekend was chock full of all kinds of crazy things. On Friday I went to loopy yarns for their Friday night knit along. My cousin is having a baby *any* day now and the baby blanket I’m making for them has to be done by the time I head down […]

Betting on the ponies

Hey, it seems that I get to celebrate a new holiday now. Yay! That holiday, of course, is Father’s day. And so, on Father’s day Leah, our little in utero baby and I went out to Arlington to lay a few bets down and win the baby a college fund! And to be clear, that […]

Heartbeat! Running! No Moving :(

So yes as you saw in our last post we amazingly got to hear the heart beating. It was so great to hear it right away and not have a problem finding it. Makes me calm down *a little*. Not a lot mind you, but just a little. I am really looking forward to the […]

Two senses down, three to go

…although touch, smell, and taste will have to wait for another five months or so. And I’m not so much looking forward to smell. Guh.

Oh, yeah, I’m talking about you, baby. We heard your heart beat today! 160 amazing beats per minute! It went whoo whoo whoo (not to be confused with a train, […]

Maternity Running Clothes!

My stepmom sent me some running clothes for preggo ladies and for the first time since this pregnancy started I thought I looked cute when I looked in the mirror. I love love loved the clothes and I’m excited to have more specific running clothes to accommodate my growing belly. The official belly picture (which […]

Baby’s First Art Fair

This morning I opted out of running to try to get over this cold that is plaguing my system. In super exciting news (ok, it’s not exciting at all unless you’re me….or your pregnant and understand the waking up in the middle of the night), I slept through the night…FOR TWO STRAIGHT NIGHTS! I think […]

Grr. I love sharing but

…did you have to share your cold?

While Leah’s cold rages on into week two, it seems that I’ve managed to pick it up as well. Thanks, babe! On the plus side, I’m not pregnant (we think), so it’s not such a big deal. Just annoying. And unlike Leah’s new pregnant-lady immune system, mine will […]

Sweat it Out…Really?

I must be an athlete from the 80s because after having a horrible day at work feeling like crud, and ending up really cranky I decided to go running when we got home thinking I could maybe sweat the sick out. And actually….I feel a ton better. I don’t know if it was just a […]

Still Pregnant..But

SICK! What the hell. I have now been sick with some kind of head cold or something for a week. I never get sick and when I do I get better in about a day or two, and now I’m STILL sick. I don’t find it frustrating at all. Grr. I guess I can’t heal […]

Full Weekend

Well kids, it looks like LeahC is back (well….almost I guess) to her pre-pregnancy fighting self. As I’m sure we all remember before the ever expanding tummy came to be I would be busy and have a million things planned on our weekends and we would go for epic long walks just to have stuff […]