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Wednesday Speedwork

Yesterday Coach Leah and I slowly made our way out to the lakefront, cruising at a nice warmup pace. Once we arrived at the lakefront, we…

Hey, where’s Coach Leah going? LEAH! Oh yeah, she’s heading home to finish out her run and get dinner started (dinner which she’s going to eat! How exciting is […]

What’s That? Hunger? A Taste for Something?

I was so excited last night because the first time in a long time I was excited for dinner. We went for a run last night and Jason did a “recovery” or run slower than slow with me to keep me company and I went an extra 1/2 mile because that’s what his plan called […]

I might be a bit faster than I thought

So, as I mentioned in the big announcement post below, I’m training for this Rock and Roll Half Marathon by myself since Leah is busy growing people. This is a new experience for me as I’ve always had a run partner, Leah (in case that wasn’t clear), and she always took care of the details. […]

When You Can’t Race….Coach!

So I’ve been missing the ramp up to marathon training and I am already thinking about the summer and how long slow Sunday morning runs are going to be short slow Sunday morning runs…which is fine because really at the end of this I get a little baby….however, that doesn’t mean that I’m not missing […]

Here’s the Lot of Them

Like I mentioned in the post yesterday Jason and I have been writing secret blog posts for the past 12 weeks and as now everything is out in the open we are publishing them tonight. To get to just the posts about the pregnancy you can go to this link:


And for them to […]

We Got a New Running Partner

Why has Jason had to start training alone for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon?

How come Leah can’t beat Jason in a sprint anymore?

Is that Leah wearing two sports bras?

The answer to all these questions is yes! Wait. The answer to the last question is yes. The answer to the […]

12 Week Visit


You are going to be shocked when you get here and realize that your mother is a complete maniac and your father is a nice calm perfect man. Ok perfect might be stretching it…but not too far, you’ll see.

Today at our 12 week doctors appointment they took my blood pressure and it was […]

Hey there, you are now somewhat less tiny!

Hey baby –

Today you Mom (or uteral-exterior-mass as you know her) and I had a twelve week visit with the doctor in the hope of hearing your heart beat. Turns out, no dice. We couldn’t hear anything.

But don’t worry! You have a heart beat! Geez, I bet I scared you there. You were […]

Fun Things For You To Know

Hey there Baby. Well I’m feeling better which I’m excited about. Thank you for not making me feel like I’m coming down with a flu every day, it’s the small improvements. We went for a 3 mile run without your Dad last night. Dad is starting to train for a 1/2 marathon that’s on August […]

iMeow….Meeeeeeeow!….Naughty Kitty

So I’ve been so flippin busy these last five days and so I’m finally getting around to blogging about an awesome new iPhone app that you should try. A couple months ago I was talking to my boss and mentioned that a screaming cat is a really funny noise and that I would pay $0.99 […]