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Being One of the Only

I get it. I’m a girl in a field that’s dominated by men and I have been for a long time. I do think that software development is even behind the physics community which is saying something. I’m still on some Fermilab mailing lists and the other day I saw an e-mail about a “Women […]


Hi Baby Inside Your Mommy’s Belly –

It seems that you’ve been letting up a bit on your mom recently, which is nice. She stayed up all the way until after 10 on Saturday and she’s been up until after 9 on multiply weekdays now! It’s really very exciting! We’re like Britney and K-Fed with […]

3 Miles Monday, Sunshine Cleaning Tuesday

Monday we stuck with our every other day running to get aggregated to training … well every other day, and did a nice three miles on the lakefront path. We’ve been running south because I really love the path between Belmont and Fullerton…. kinda monotonous, but so pretty and fun so it’s ok. Yesterday we […]

Do You Like Running?

Hey there Baby, so your Dad and I have been running… although I suppose you can’t tell if he’s running but I’m wondering if you can tell that me and you are running. Do you bounce around in there? Are you holding on to things going, “What the What is this woman doing?” I feel […]

Great Weekend Depise Some Showers

Another great weekend for your fearless duo. Friday night through Sunday night were exactly how summer weekends in Chicago should be. Friday night we got home and grilled out for the first time this season. Jason made his delicious hamburgers and I made potatoes and asparagus (which…I’m sorry, we just can’t seem to get right…we […]

Not Knowing What You Are Good At

What are you good at? It seems like an easy question right? You get interested in something in college (or earlier) you take classes in said topic and get a job in said field. Or maybe you are so overly enthusiastic about the field you go on to get an advanced degree in said subject […]

There you are

Hey little blob thing –

So yesterday your mommy (you know her. She’s the one you’re slowly trying to kill by sucking out all her energy. But don’t worry. It’s totally different than being a parasite…in some way) and I got to see you through the magic of sound and some sort of wand thingy […]

I See You!

Hey Baby!

We had our first ultrasound yesterday morning and your Daddy and I got to see you in there. You have a very tiny flickering in the center of your body, which is apparently your heart beating. I had to stay laying back on the table and I kept wanting to lean forward to […]

Very Cool iPhone App

I follow quite a few photo blogs, and one of the ones I follow (greyscalegorilla) has recently made this ShakeItPhoto iPhone application. It uses the iPhone camera to take a picture, but then develops it as a Polaroid. My dad gave me a Polaroid camera when I was a little kid and I loved it. […]

Just When I Thought I Was Out…They Pull Me Back In

And when I say “they” I mean the nugget and when I say “thought I was out”, I mean out of the tired arena of pregnancy. (Also the sore chest…but my dad reads this blog so let’s just say the girls were not happy two nights ago at about 2am. At. All.) Nope. I went […]