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Eat More?

Yesterday I counted the number of calories I had eaten before we went out for a run. The grand total? 700ish. Then a 3 mile run bring it down to 400. Then I had a pretty large dinner, but still, so not enough. Not that I think I’m supposed to be eating for two because […]

Now We Wait

Sigh. I’m so not a patient person and I tend to think the worst so that I can be really happy when the best happens. I’m trying not to do that in this whole pregnancy situation. I’m realizing that the only people that post on pregnancy message boards are those people that have had problems. […]

Hey, I’m going to be a dad!

No, really, I’m going to be a dad!

Yesterday around 11:30, the blood work came back with a confirmed positive. Congrats, it’s a zygote!

In true JasonLeahRun family fashion, we had no interest waiting to tell people. So, I got on the phone to tell the family and…nobody answered. So that was cool. I mean, […]


My blood passed!!!! I’m officially pregnant. Jason and I are the worst; we instantly told EVERYBODY. Then I read all these sites that were like, you shouldn’t tell anyone for 12 weeks…I was like..uh yeah that’s not going to happen.

For those of you that were on the ball yesterday morning (hi geekgirl!) you would […]

Today we find out for sure

Today’s the day that the blood tests come in and we find out once and for all if Leah’s pregnant (you know the old saying, 4 pee sticks and a late period do not a pregnant lady make). Should be fun waiting for Leah to give me a call this afternoon!

Ve Vant Your Blood

Yesterday I went to the doctors office to give blood so that they could confirm pregnancy. Usually I am a champion at the blood giving; I have good veins and I can fill those little tubes in a second. Yesterday however, she put the needle in the vein and NOTHING came out. I mean not […]

Okay, that’s clearly a line

This morning Leah peed on another stick and there was another line. This time, however, the pink line was pretty damn clear and left little room for interpretation. Um, yikes?

So, we’ve taken four tests (that’s normal, right?) and have gotten two blue lines and two pink lines. So, as far as I can tell, […]

We Have a Secret…

and I HATE IT.

I’m not a good secret keeper. I’m just not…I mean I can be if I have to be…but this is my secret and I don’t want to keep it. I called my doctors office yesterday to ask them what the hell I’m supposed to do now that I have a positive […]

Well, that was unexpected

And, I might add, a little anti-climactic. Whenever I thought about finding out about a future son or daughter (or ewok…how cool would that be?), I figured it’d be all jumping up and down and excited, like in the commercials. Instead, it was a lot of “wait, is that a line?” and “I definitely see […]

Less Faint

Yesterday after still no period starting, AND the faint line, Jason and I walked to Borders and bought What to Expect When You are Expecting (I think I’m expecting…) and Jenny McCarthy’s book Belly Laughs (which yes…made me laugh…but also freakin’ terrified and grossed me out). We also bought some none generic brand pregnancy tests.