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Long Cold Walk

Well apparently we don’t run anymore. I have desires to run, and then I’m like….cold. It’s cold and snowy out. We did go to the gym on Tuesday and it was so crowded I barely got a locker and there was a line for the treadmills. I found some other kind of machine and did […]

Bad Night

Well it was just one of those nights. With a new project on the way at work, snippyness between Jason and I, basic unrest feeling makes for a long, sleepless night. I layed awake for 2 hours, then I woke up at 2:18am (and not just like opened my eyes, looked at the clock and […]


Yesterday at about 4:45 pm, I was looking out the window at work and noticed that it wasn’t dark out. I mean it was *dusk* but it wasn’t black as death out. It was that day, when you realize that the days are in fact getting longer and that April is right around the corner […]

Mini-RoadTrip, Up Without Alarm, PhotoBlogging Again, New Office Construction

This past weekend my Dad and I went on a mini road trip to Indiana. I had worked extra hours to make up for time, taking off all of Friday and three hours on Thursday so we could get out of Chicago around 1pm. We went to Indy to visit my Dad’s sister and on […]

Dad in Town!!!!

Wheeeee my dad is in town for the week.

I’m working extra hours so that I can take of Thursday afternoon and Friday for a Dad/Daughter roadtrip to Indiana. We are going to Indy to visit my Aunt, and my Dad has recently hooked up with his old college band members who still live in […]

A Good Example of Sucktitude

Last night Jason and I played racquetball and while it had been awhile since we had played…holy hell are we sucky. Both games ended 16-14 in Jason’s favor, although after discussion on the way home we decided that the first game should have ended 15-13 in my favor as he hit me with the ball […]

Better About Bed Time

Tuesdays is run home from work day which Jason and I did…not with flying colors maybe, but not too bad. Working out two days in a row is *crazy*. Tonight we have racquetball which I’m guessing in our current state of exhausted and sore will be quite the funny sight.

I set up an older […]

A New Year…A New…You?

Oh screw that. Why do the new plans always want to start on January 1st? I mean I’m totally a sucker for it, but why not like October 12th or something? And why does it have to be a *new* you. How about A New Year….and a more improved you.

Anyways, that being said. Happy […]