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Sailor Sue Sells Photos

As many of you know my Dad and Stepmom live aboard a 40′ sailboat in the Caribbean. Sue (the stepmom) takes tons of beautiful pictures down there and has now started to post them to a smugmug account for purchase. Please check out her site here :

Sailor Sue Takes Photos!

and enjoy the beauty […]

Unplugged…For A Bit Anyways

Today, I unplugged myself from the interwebs for a few hours while I walked around my neighborhood and did some shopping for the hubby. It was kind of nice. I didn’t even have my trusty iPhone with me as it was without charge and thus hanging out in my apartment. We are have another big […]

10 Cookies + 3 Marshmallows = Fun + Busy

This weekend was my annual cookie bake off. This year I added 2 new kinds of cookies to my repertoire bring the total number to 10 types. This year I also made marshmallows which added some fun. I made three batches of those.

The baking crazy started on Friday night at my Aunt’s and continued […]

Just a Bit Too Crazy

So last night there was a real “winter storm watch” going on in Chicago. Usually it’s all, “WINTER STORM WATCH” and then you go outside and there is a 1/2″ of snow on the ground. Yesterday afternoon however it was really coming down….and kept coming down, faster with the flakes getting bigger and bigger. Jason […]

Well A Fine Run It Was

So….yeah, you know how your training Day #1 arrives and no matter what you are going to get that fucking workout in? Yeah, me too!

Yesterday was Day #1 of our lets run home from work on Tuesday and Thursdays plan….you cannot miss Day #1, you just can’t and so with a howling wind and […]

Gotta Be Organized for the New One

So today is the day to start running plan #857, well it’s not really #857 but Jason and I have had so many deals and plans and whatevers to get us organized to run more that we have to be close to that many. The NEW and improved plan is to run home from work […]

Laughed Until We Cried

Last night Jason reminded me that we have money budgeted for bars and that Sheffields was a bar and so we could go there after work and STILL be in our budget. I know I married that boy for a reason. So on the way home from work we went there for beers and dinner […]

New Dress and a Patient Husband

Jason’s company’s holiday party is on saturday night and it’s a pretty fancy affair so I needed a new dress. I had plans to go shopping with my aunt last Sunday morning, but she called in sick and couldn’t make it. Therefore with no time left to meet up with her, Jason and I went […]

8 > 6 > 0

Oh yeah, that’s right. These two running kids ran a whopping 8 miles last week. Now while I can lament on how horrible that is and how I really wanted to run 12 miles and blah blah blah, I am choosing not to and instead be happy that we are out there again, AND starting […]